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Shanxi Xinhui Activated Carbon is one of the largest and professional manufacturers of activated carbon in China. Our activated carbon is made from coal, strictly selected using advanced technology. Shanxi Xinhui Activated Carbon is widely used in the fields of water treatment, air purification, desulphurisation and denitrification, solvent recovery, catalyst carrier and more.

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Room 1413, A1 Building, Dongda Shengshihuating, No. 10, Yudedongli, Sanqiang Street, Taiyuan , Shanxi , China

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HANXI XINHUI ACTIVATED CARBON CO.,LTD is one of experienced activated carbon and gas mask manufacturers.
'XINHUI' brand activated carbon is made from strictly selected coal by using advanced technology. The advantages of our activated carbon are having highly developed porous structure and large specific surface, high hardness, superior wear and impact resistance, and can be regenerated. It has high capacity of organic solutes adsorption, free chlorine and harmful gas in air. In addition, XINHUI also specializes in the production and sales of civil and industrial gas mask, air filtration units, water purifier units, self-rescuers, etc.
'XINHUI' brand activated carbon widely used in the fields of Water Treatment, Air Purification,  Desulfurization and Denitrification, Solvent Recovery, Catalyst Carrier or Catalyst and so on. And our gas masks are mainly used in the fields of Anti-terrorism and Emergency Management and other public workplace.