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  • Air Monitoring

  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Services

    Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Services

    Shell Engineering and Associates, Inc., specializes in ambient air quality monitoring services. As opposed to dispersion modeling’s reliance on mathematical predictions, ambient air monitoring actually measures for level of air quality at a specific location over a given time period. The results of ambient air quality monitoring can be used to establish actual pollutant levels, confirm predictions from dispersion models, and provide air quality...

  • Other Services

  • Comprehensive Air Quality Assessment Services

    Comprehensive Air Quality Assessment Services

    Shell Engineering & Associates, Inc., is an established environmental management consulting company specializing in air quality testing and air quality monitoring. For over four decades Shell Engineering and Associates, Inc. has assisted industrial, institutional, and municipal facilities with the performance of their operations using accepted environmental practices. Our success with air quality assessments comes from our ability to communicate...

  • Dispersion Air Modeling Services

    Dispersion Air Modeling Services

    Dispersion air modeling provides an important tool for air quality assessments.  Air dispersion modeling provides a prediction of the air quality impact from pollutants emitted from facility operations.  The impact can vary based on stack parameters (location, height, exit temperature and exit gas velocity).  Other factors that affect the modeled impact include the facility configuration, the ground level height compared to...

  • Environmental Engineering Services

  • Air Emission Testing and Analysis

    Air Emission Testing and Analysis

    Stack Testing for Air Emissions: Provide Testing Protocol Detailing Stack Testing Methodology. Contract and Oversight of Stack Testing Company. Liaison with Regulatory Authority. Review Results with Compliance Objectives.

  • Air Polution Control & Management

    Air Polution Control & Management

    Air Pollution Control Technology Determinations: Best Available Control Technology (BACT). Greenhouse Gas Best Available Control Technology. Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT). Technical/Economical Analysis of Control Options. Non-Economic Analysis of Control Options.

  • Air Permitting & Compliance Evaluation

    Air Permitting & Compliance Evaluation

    At Shell Engineering we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service to our clients. If you have any questions about our air permitting and air compliance services, click the contact us button and one of our consultants will be able to contact you.