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Simple Solutions Distributing LLC

Simple Solutions Distributing LLC is a registered small business founded in 2003 and located in the state of New Jersey. Our focus is on residential and municipal wastewater/landfill odor control caused by hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas emissions from things like lift station odor, septic tank odor and landfill odor. More commonly known as odor scrubbers or air scrubbers, our standard units range in flow rates from 0 to 700 CFM with larger air scrubber systems available as special order. As a full-service odor control supplier to the wastewater industry, we also carry a line of passive vent and low-flow air scrubbers under the Wolverine Brand Activated Carbon Filters brand. We also carry manhole filters and inflow protectors.

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27 Penmere Road , West Milford , New Jersey 07480 USA
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Air Pollution Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
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less than $1,000,000 US

A fast growing demographic for our products is the solid waste industry, more specifically landfill vent odor control/gas emissions control. With global warming becoming an ever increasing part of our life coupled with the urban sprawl that has brought residential neighborhoods close to the once isolated landfill. Reducing the methane and H2S gas emission is becoming a challenge for today’s operators of our nation’s landfills. Vent emissions from the landfill whether it be nuance odor from H2s or greenhouse gas emissions (methane) Simple Solutions can offer you a solution that fits your budget. Our most affordable solution for the landfill vent is our Pollution Control Barrel. This Activated Carbon Scrubber is a passive vent scrubber that is easily attached to the outlet vents. If active venting is your engineer’s choice our line of industrial vapor phase adsorbers are ready to go to work for you.

Simple Solutions Distributing specializes in odor removal of sewer gas emanating from plumbing vent stacks on residential, commercial and municipal wastewater systems. Our Wolverine line of activated carbon filters can remove hydrogen sulfide from airstreams from 3 to 700 CFM. We are odor control experts, and our happy customers include home-owners, municipalities, and corporations around the world.

Our vent filters utilize a patented perforated disc containment system. Other filter manufacturers use mesh bags to hold the activated carbon. Putting the carbon in a mesh bag increases the pressure drop through the filter. It also increases the chances of restricting the plumbing vent. This can result in gasses passing through the traps in your sinks and tubs, causing odors inside the home and also possible draining problems. Since the mesh bag is in constant contact with moisture, it has the additional problem of freezing in the winter, clogging your vent and contributing to “carbon caking” when used in combination with pelletized carbon. This is due to the mesh bag keeping more moisture in the carbon bed than would be there without it.

If you are located in a cold climate, we offer the Wolverine inline septic vent filter. This allows you to put the filter 'in-line' of current plumbing. Usually these filters are placed in the attic where they are not susceptible to freezing or caking.

Our filters are constructed of ABS and PVC. If you are trying to put this on a metal or cast-iron pipe, you will need to order our clamp-on connection type. This will provide you with a UV-resistant rubber and stainless steel coupling that will easily attach your vent filter to your sewer vent pipe.

Our residential filters contain 2 lbs of carbon, twice the amount of our competitor's filters. Our slip-on models need no tools or glue to install; it just slips right on the plumbing roof vent.

The Wolverine Septic Pipe Vent Filters are designed for passive or ambient air flow and should not be used where blowers or fans push or force air. If you are looking for an odor control unit for an active vent stream, consider our PCB-90 Pollution Control Barrel.

We offer seamless international shipping with and on select products. You can find our items eligible for export in the 'Available Internationally' category under the Product menu. A link to the product on eBay and Amazon can be found on the product page.

Our residential septic system filters come with a 120-Day, money back guarantee. This covers model numbers WLV-4, HD, and WVI 4'.

Sometime you might be outside, the guests are arriving for lunch. You planned to serve it on the patio outside the house. Just before they arrive, you get a whiff of a terrible sewer smell.

The plumbing roof vent pipe and yard-based septic vent pipe is a necessary part of your plumbing system. The purpose of the stink pipe, as it's sometimes called, is to enable the pressure in your drain system to equalize. When water and waste flows down your drains, pressure in your plumbing drains increases as the air in the system is displaced by water and waste. Without the roof vent pipe, the drains would gurgle up into your sinks, tubs and toilets.

The plumbing roof vent pipe, and yard-based sewer vent pipe, are also a place where septic gases and sewer gases exit the system safely. These gases are a natural byproduct of the bacteria that break down the waste in either your septic system or sewer line. Because of this naturally occurring cycle, the septic and sewer gases have a foul odor. Normally, the gases are carried up and away from the system’s stink pipe. However, under certain conditions, these hydrogen sulfide (also known as H2S) and methane gases might be pulled down into your yard around your home or place of business.

There is also a new style septic system design called a pressure dose septic system. This style septic system is becoming more popular as it utilizes both a solids and a liquid septic tank. By separating the liquid from the solids, it allows for a cleaner liquid to be pumped up into the leeching field allowing the leeching field to be significantly smaller than what would be necessary in a standard septic system. For safety reasons, this style septic system requires that the liquid tank be vented to purge the hydrogen sulfide and methane gases away from the electronic pump found in the septic tank. With pressure dose style septic systems, the septic gases are purged directly to the yard through a vent causing unpleasant odors, even under the best of conditions. This septic tank vent is typically located somewhere in the yard near the liquid tank.

If you notice sewer smell coming from your septic tank vent, don't assume that you have serious problems with your septic system. As we mentioned earlier, hydrogen sulfide is a normal by-product of the breakdown of wastes occurring within your septic system.

In certain situations the hydrogen sulfide that would normally exit your roof vent and be carried up and away, will actually be pulled down into your yard creating not only an annoying problem, but also an unhealthy living environment. (For health information concerning hydrogen sulfide see this article, Hydrogen Sulfide: Advances in Understanding Human Toxicity from the International Journal of Toxicology.)

Different climate conditions, such as temperature variances, temperature inversions and change in wind direction, can direct the gases back toward your living area. This problem can be magnified by the location of your home as well. If your home is located against a hill or near objects taller than your roof vent pipe, negative pressures can naturally develop pulling the septic gas or sewer gas down from your roof vent pipe and into your yard or place of business. In the case of sewer lines, since they don’t utilize plumbing traps, your home or building’s roof vent can be an exit source for not only the sewer gases created within your structure but for all the homes and structures on your main sewer line.

So, how do you stop septic odor? While you can’t stop the creation of septic and sewer gases, you can eliminate the odor that is caused as they exit the roof vent pipe or septic tank vent by installing a Wolverine Brand® carbon filter on top of your sewer vent.

The Wolverine Brand® activated carbon vent filter (sometimes called a charcoal vent filter) was specifically designed to safely remove the hydrogen sulfide and methane gases from the air exiting your septic and sewer vents. And best of all, The Wolverine Brand® activated carbon vent filters are easy to install, comes with a 120-day money back guarantee and a one-year limited warranty.

We offer four residential options for home-owners to select from. Here is a brief explanation of which model might be right for you. Each of these filters holds the same amount and type of carbon and functions the same way.

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The residential filters listed below have a 120-day money-back guarantee.