Siviko is an engineering company offering engineering services in the fields of energy, mechanics and automation. Our multidisciplinary team of engineers could perform variety of different tasks. In terms of renewable energy we have experience in the PV station design, insulation assessment through partial discharge methodology and in the design and delployment of SCADA control and measurment systems. All those services are closely related with the sustanability in the energy sector, which we view as combination between generation of renewable energy, efficient and flexible distribution and timely maintenance of the installations and equipment.

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Engineering service provider
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Energy - Energy Consulting and Engineering
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Internationally (various countries)

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We are firm believers that the energy generated by the sun will be the major source of energy in a few decades and we have channeled great part of our efforts in this direction. We have experience in the design of various PV stations, including also vehicle battery charging stations powered by PV modules.

Will could be of help in the PV station design, yield calculations, evaluation and purchase of the solar panels, the inverters and other necessary modules. We could also prepare documentation related with the project. Furthermore, we could design the PV station’s control and measurement systems, which enables the on-line monitoring of the performance of the station. 

Sustainability is also related to the timely and proper maintenance of the assets participating in the generation and distribution of electricity. The electrical insulation of the electrical equipment ages under the combined effect of temperature, pressure, vibration, and other environmental factors. The assessment of the remaining lifetime of the electrical insulation is needed for asset management and reliability planning repairs of the electrical equipment.

We have developed a methodology for assessment of the insulation by using a partial discharge methodology far more advanced than the current standards (IEEE Standard 1434-2000., IEC 60270:2000). In those standards are described calibration methods and how to evaluate results, but there is no specific mentioning of thresholds. Through research and experience we have developed a methodology that allow us to be far more specific. We know where the problem in the insulation is located, we know its size and severity, and we could point out the source of the problem and its force and could forecast with very good accuracy when and where a breakthrough of the insulation will happen.

This innovative methodology has huge cost-saving potential and could also be done remotely once the measuring tools are installed on-site. 

The increasing complexity of the electricity grid and the current IT capabilities have led to the development of the so-called smart grids. We have significant expertise in the two major engineering fields that make smart grids possible - energy and automation. In terms of energy we run a High Voltage laboratory where we could make various tests and we could design numerous electricity networks and installations, such as substations, transformers and etc. In terms of automation, we have experience in constructing SCADA systems for supervising and data acquisition in energy management.

We have both components that make smart grids and we are looking for partners to harness the engineering capabilities and assets that we have in this area.