Skywater India Pvt. Ltd.

Skywater India Pvt. Ltd.

SkyWater’s innovative and patented solution provides a dependable and sustainable solution for clean drinking water. It also offers the advantages of easy and quick installation/implementation at a fraction of the typical capital costs required in the infrastructure projects. • SkyWater’s solution is an atmospheric water generator. • The atmospheric water generator is a very sophisticated machine that generates Ozone-treated pure drinking water and is highly energy efficient! • The water generator works by converting water vapor in the air into fresh and clean liquid water. Given a certain range of temperatures and humidity levels, our machine produces anywhere from 500 Liters to over 1000 Liters per day. • It provides the power of an immediate solution as it begins to produce water/power within an hour of installation. • It does not require an existing source of water for producing clean water like a conventional Reverse Osmosis system. In a nutshell, it produce

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Drinking Water
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Internationally (various countries)