Smart Tech Switzerland GmbH

Smart Tech Switzerland GmbH

We are a company based in Lugano distributing the new generation of Ozone Water Generators. The main difference between our system and previous generations of ozone generators is that our system generates Ozone from water, not from air, and mix it back into the water with high efficiency.Our technology helps you to protect the environment, while saving on hot water and cost of chemicals and improving the shelf-life of food products.In your facility you can produce hundreds of litres of natural sanitiser 3000 times more efficient than chlorine, requires only electricity and tap water and your only byproducts are oxygen and water. Our products help companies reach their sustainability goals by eliminating water wastage. Used ozonated water is 100% recyclable with a simple water circulation system and a series of sand filters. You can save a lot on hot and cold water, chemicals and time. Your sanitation CIP system will be 100% chemical free, and will virtually use no water if recycled.

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Food Safety
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Nationally (across the country)