Smet Jet NV

Smet Jet NV

Smet Jet NV specialises in the area of industrial and chemical cleaning and sludge dewatering. We provide the perfect pit stop at companies by performing the required cleaning of systems and installations quickly, safely and in a qualitative manner. Just as fast and efficiently as during a Formula 1 pit stop! Our `Industrial Clever Cleaning` slogan guarantees that the loss of time is limited to a minimum during a maintenance service. Service provider in industrial high pressure Cleaning, Chemical Cleaning, catalyst handling, sludge dewatering and wast handling. We have 5 branches in Belgium, one in South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Engeneering of automatic high pressure Cleaning installations to work safe and fast.

Company details

Nijverheidsstraat 3 , Oevel , 2260 Belgium

Locations Served

Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Sludge Management
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

‘Clean the World’s industry in a clever way!’

Our people are experts in cleaning systems and we guarantee the shortest downtime.  With maximum respect for safety and environment!

We deploy smart technology to achieve this. Discover Smet Jet's ‘Passion for Clean.’ Our core values are honesty, trust, customer focus, expertise and enthusiasm!

Smet Jet NV pursues an integrated prevention policy in consultation and consensus with its different partners and customers. Training and education are keywords at Smet Jet NV. The end goal is not the only essential issue, the safest path to achieve it is just as important. Therefore we focus on health, safety, being environmentally aware and quality.

We ensure that all our work is performed in a qualitatively, healthy, safe and environmentally friendly manner while respecting our employees, contractor's employees, customers, surrounding area and the environment. We also work on the continuous improvement of our performance in this area.

To view our ISO Certificat and our Policy Statement, click their links.

Smet Jet NV has been VCA (SSVV) certified since 1996. Smet Jet is also VCA P certified as from December 2014 (the P represents the petrochemical industry). Before our VCA-trained operators may work with high-pressure trucks, they must follow and pass a specific training course. These courses are given based on the guidelines of the Industrial Cleaning Foundation (SIR). The operators are tested by SIR examiners afterwards.

To view our VCA P certificate and SIR certificate, click their links.

Smet Jet NV has:

  • An environmental permit as a collection centre for hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
  • The required registrations as a carrier and waste collector, processor or broker in the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels-Capital Region.
  • Approval for collecting waste from the Flemish Ports.
  • A permit for a mobile (hazardous) sludge dewatering system via ATOX nv.

Smet Jet NV has built up extensive expertise in the area of waste and environmental management. We collect different waste coming from different places (hazardous and non-hazardous waste) and act as a reception and pretreatment centre for waste. Our teams also clean up polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) that are best known as coolants for transformers and capacitors.

We always search for the most economic and environmentally responsible solution for the carriage and processing of waste. We have the required recognitions for this in the three Belgian regions. We also have temporary storage sites including in Oevel. Transport takes place through registered carriers with ADR and VCA trained personnel.

Smet Jet NV also sells and rents storage resources for small and large quantities of hazardous and non-hazardous waste such as: drainage, vacuum, liquid and open and closed storage containers.

As a Belgium family business, Smet Jet NV has been operating on the market of industrial and chemical cleaning and sludge dewatering for more than 40 years. We believe that health, safety, being environmentally aware and quality are very important. As an employer, we also believe that human capital is crucial. We train our employees to the highest levels as experts in their professional areas. We ensure that solutions are fast and efficient for our customers with regard to all cleaning problems.

Smet Jet NV has a customer portfolio with many important industrial global players from the petrochemical, steel and zinc industry, the energy and building sector, the food industry and the maritime sector. Entrust the full turnaround management of your systems and installations to Smet Jet NV and we will manage, as a head contractor, your full project both financially and technically.

Smet Jet NV has continuously grown since 1974 and the recurrent themes through our history are the resolve and motivation of all our employees to offer our customers the highest service and quality each and every day. Our extensive experience is our added value for our customers.

Smet Jet Group's R&D department has developed very many innovative applications for all of these areas of expertise and, therefore, an efficient and high-tech service is offered to customers often in combination with machines we have developed ourselves. Smet Jet has sites in Belgium, South Africa and the Middle East and executes contracts for customers globally (including in Korea, India, Mexico, the USA, etc.).