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Sodepac International

For more than 30 years now, SODEPAC International, the inventor of the humidity absorber, has not stopped developing a multitude of patent-pending and patented products. Sodepac is Europe`s largest producer of humidity absorbers for its brands (Seko and Humidivore) and private brands Sodepac also offers products for protecting merchandise from humidity, marketed under the brand SEKODRY.

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4 Avenue Industrielle , Hallennes-lez-Haubourdin , 59320 France
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Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)
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In 1965, Jean Vasseur perfected an absorption system to counter humidity in the sugar industry. Although initially intended for protecting merchandise in the field of industry, it is obvious that this technique satisfies a genuine need for provide individuals: the first patented humidity absorber was launched in 1973 by the inventor of the process.

Since then the company has not stopped changing, investing every year in product research and development, and in new production tools.

The plant located in Hallennes-lez-Haubourdin in northern France has been enlarged on a regular basis: a new ultra-modern storage area will be in service in 2011, bringing the total surface area of the plant to 6,000 m2.
Sodepac employs 45 people (full-time employees).

Sodepac International is still a family-run company. Gérard Vasseur has been the Vice President and General Manager since 2003, and general operational management has been entrusted to Pascal Lenglet.

Industrial know-how at the service of private individuals for health in the household

Sodepac International has a full range of products, health and well-being for treating humidity and the consequences of it.

This range of high-performance and easy-to-use products allows you to sanitise the various rooms in the house and any enclosed areas (boats, caravans, cupboards, etc.)

In order to respond precisely to the needs of consumers, Seko adapts its products to:

  • Treat humidity in the various rooms of the house, from the basement to the attic and all of the rooms in between.
  • Treat the consequences of humidity on terraces, roofs, walls, patio blocks and stone.

According to their use and who they are intended for, Seko products come in different forms:

  • Conventional humidity absorbers that absorb the humidity in the surrounding air and recover it in the form of brine in a recovery tray; these products can be neutral or scented.
  • More elaborate humidity absorbers making use of industrial technology, “dry” absorbers, that have bags that absorb the humidity in the surrounding air and imprison it. These products also come in neutral or scented forms.

Air humidifiers

  • Treatment liquids: anti-moss agents, anti-mildew, façade restorers, natural stone restorers, water repellents, special detergents, scale removers.
  • In order to comply with the requirements of its Seko brand, Sodepac International is always on the lookout for technological innovations that could further improve the effectiveness of its products. Sodepac monitors trends in fashion, shapes and colours, so as to be ready to renew the ranges intended for home interiors, and as such meet the needs better.

Solutions for industry, packaging companies and ocean transport

  • Sodepac International puts its know-how to work for professionals with a wide range of patented products.
  • Based on the principle of absorbing humidity in the surrounding air and in not restoring liquid, our system consists in capturing water vapour thanks to various technical mixtures that use components that are environmentally friendly, packaged in voiles that are air permeable but not permeable to water.
  • Sekodry offers many references based on two solutions for protection, in order to satisfy all of the needs in the market.

Regulated humidity absorption at 40%

  • The ideal method for protecting merchandise in an area where air can circulate and be renewed such as an ocean container, especially if travel time exceeds 15 days.
  • For this, we offer Sekodry absorber-regulators that react whenever the relative humidity rises. They maintain a hygrometry level of 40%, providing impeccable protection for merchandise.


  • This method is ideal for constantly maintaining merchandise dry in hermetically-sealed packaging.
  • For this, we offer Sekodry Desiccants which absorb right from the first percentage point of relative humidity.

Absorption of liquids on the floor: Instazorb

  • We offer a range of floor absorbers that are guaranteed free of silica powder. They are extremely light and can absorb up to 465% of their own weight.
  • Environmentally friendly (volcanic rock-based mineral absorber), Instazorb products absorb all sorts of even the most viscous liquids (except for hydrofluoric acid).