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  • Geotechnics

  • SolExtensometer - Axial Displacements

    SolExtensometer - Axial Displacements

    With the SolExtensometer axial displacements are measured precisely in sections along measuring lines (mainly boreholes). The SolExtensometer consists of a bundle of up to 4 individual extensometers. The measurement range is from 100 mm to 250 mm. The measurement can be carried out manually, automatically with an SDL data logger or online with the Solexperts GeoMonitor. In this model, data logger and remote data transmission module are integrated in...

  • Clino - Measuring Stations

    Clino - Measuring Stations

    Clino is used where inclination changes in structural components have to be measured precisely. The measurements can be done automatically or by remote control. Clino measuring stations are often used in tunnelling to measure displacements during the construction of the tunnel. Clino measuring stations are also used on railways sleepers or other structural components that are subjected to strong vibrations and dynamic loading. For example, railway...

  • Measuring Tube for Sliding Micrometer

    Measuring Tube for Sliding Micrometer

    The Sliding Micrometer measuring line is given by the measuring tube installed in soil, rock or a structure. The measuring tubes consist of telescopic couplings and connecting tubes. Standard connecting tubes, depending on the problem under investigation, consist of ABS or HPVC. Optionally, the connection between the teles- copic coupling and the connecting tube can, if necessary, be water pressure-tight. The standard range of displacement of the...

  • Portable Distometer

    Portable Distometer

    The portable distometer measures changes in distance very accurately and is mainly used in tunnelling. For this method an invar steel wire is stretched at a given force between measuring bolts and the relative length of the wire is measured. By obtaining the difference between the measurements at two points in time, the change in displacement between the measuring bolts can be determined. The accuracy of measurement is within +/-0.05 mm +...

  • Temperature Sensor

    Temperature Sensor

    To measure temperatures in soil, rock or structures, water pressure-tight encapsulated Pt1000 sensors are used. In the case of deformation measurements of structural components (e.g. pile foundations, concrete columns) temperature compensation and thus the temperature measurement of structural components is very important. Air temperatures are likewise important in the compensation of electronic distance measurements (as e.g. in the case of...

  • Hydrogeology

  • Stand-Pipe Multi-Packer Systems

    Stand-Pipe Multi-Packer Systems

    We have been developing specialised packer systems for various hydrogeological applications since 1985. Our multi packer systems are used for the hydrogeological and hydrochemical exploration of the ground. The range of application includes. site characterisation for the disposal of radioactive waste. exploration of the ground for tunnelling, deep excavations, potentially unstable slopes and landfills. underground rock laboratories: evaluation of...

  • Piezopress System (PZP)

    Piezopress System (PZP)

    The Piezopress System (PZP) consists of individual PVC piezometer pipes with removable pressure sensors. A special sensor seat over the tip of the filter provides a closed measuring cell at the depth of the test interval. This permits the monitoring of the hydraulic pressure in low-permeability rocks and soils. The Piezopress is an inexpensive multi monitoring system for boreholes ≥ 50 mm diameter.