Solgeo srl

Solgeo srl

SOLGEO specializes in geophysical services applied to engineering and geotechnical projects. SOLGEO also develops, produces and sells devices used for seismic or accelerometric dynamic monitoring, or for nondestructive testing on structures. SOLGEO’s multidisciplinary expertise allowed the company to develop extremely advanced monitoring systems, especially in the Dynamic Signal Acquisition field. Thanks to this know how, SOLGEO is now partner with some world renowned companies.

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Via Pastrengo, 9 , Seriate (BG) , 24068 Italy

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Soil and Groundwater - Soil and Groundwater Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Qualify services and technological instruments for geophysics investigations and monitoring of soil and structures

We are established as an international benchmark in the geophysical services market, thanks to our experience and projects that are promoting ourselves. In fact those tell about seriousness, innovation and know how.

How we work

Solgeo offers a wide range of geophysical services: seismic, electrical and electromagnetic surveys

Professionalism is our feature: operational experience and knowledge of the land together with innovative and efficient technologies to solve our clients’ challenges.


Solgeo has always been developing avant-garde tools in the field of non-destructive testing. From the ISMES labs all the way to the current ones, the team has always tried to experiment, improve and have fun! The handmade heart of each product is a guarantee of quality. The handmade heart of each product is a guarantee of quality. Every device is unique and is designed, created, assembled and tested by highly specialized technicians who pay attention to every detail throughout the production chain.


Solgeo offers a wide range of geophysical services, like seismic, electric or electromagnetic surveys. It operates with highly advanced equipment which is kept in mint condition thanks to technical staff appointed to its storage, maintenance and calibration, so as to always respond to the highest quality standards.


The ever-more demanding needs of the market for excellent hardware & software tools has induced Solgeo to evolve furthermore and develop an independent research department, parallel to the two previous and well established existing sectors: geophysical services and devices’ design and sales.