Solinst Canada Ltd.

Solinst Canada Ltd.

Founded in 1975, Solinst manufactures high quality groundwater monitoring instruments in Georgetown, Ontario. We offer a broad range of innovative and practical hydrogeological and hydrological equipment, designed to give our customers the means to obtain the detailed, accurate, technical information that they require. Research and development is a priority, ensuring a steady improvement in our products and continuous development of up-to-date instrumentation for hydrogeological applications. We now offer a broad range of innovative and practical equipment, used by both hydrogeologists and hydrologists around the world.

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35 Todd Road , Georgetown , Ontario L7G 4R8 Canada


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Soil and Groundwater Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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SOLINST CANADA LTD. has been manufacturing high quality groundwater instrumentation since 1980 when company president Doug Belshaw recognized the need for innovative and easy-to use instrumentation for the growing hydrogeology field.

First SOLINST introduced its Model 101 Water Level Meter for hydrogeologists in the United States. The sturdy design, stretch-resistant tape and special markings in feet and tenths of feet (now 1/100 ft) proved ideal. The Meter gained in popularity and soon became the Water Level Meter of choice for American groundwater monitoring.

Since then hard work, listening to our customers, and thinking creatively has enabled SOLINST to flourish. We now offer a broad range of innovative and practical equipment, used by both hydrogeologists and hydrologists around the world. The range still features Water Level Meters, but has expanded into dataloggers, telemetry, Interface Meters, Drive-Points, Samplers and Multilevel Systems.

The SOLINST product line is ideal for site characterizations, spill investigations, and long-term ground water monitoring.

Behind the full range of SOLINST high quality groundwater monitoring instruments is the cumulative expertise of experienced hydrogeologists, geotechnical engineers, manufacturing & electronic professionals and technicians.

Solinst is dedicated to the manufacture of high quality instruments that are designed for accuracy, ease-of-use and to give reliable results over the long-term.

Users of Solinst equipment include: consultant hydrogeologists, environmental engineers and geotechnical engineers; government environmental regulators, department of environment, energy, water supply, army, airforce and navy; mines, well drillers, landfill and hazardous waste site operators; industrial companies storing and using potentially hazardous chemicals and materials, and groundwater or surface water researchers.

The SOLINST staff is dedicated to providing these customers with a wide variety of high quality instruments and top quality service. The knowledgeable sales and technical staff and the skilled machinists are able to provide instrumentation for virtually any application. SOLINST aims to provide hydrologists and hydrogeologists worldwide with the best in monitoring instrumentation.

SOLINST produces reliable stock items routinely, yet maintains the capability to manufacture specialized items to suit particular needs. The practical and easy-to-use intrumentation allows users the means to obtain the detailed, accurate data required for high calibre hydrogeological investigations.

At SOLINST, we place great importance on our ability to ensure a steady improvement in the product line and to continually develop up-to-date instrumentation for hydrogeological and hydrological applications. Therefore research and development is a continual process. As part of this commitment, SOLINST has developed strong links with the Institute for Groundwater Research, at the University of Waterloo and other universities. This affords an excellent opportunity to combine the latest research with the technical know how and field experience of SOLINST engineers, professionals and technicians.

SOLINST premises are 35,000 sq. ft. on 3.6 acres of land and includes test wells of up to 8' in diameter by 335' (100 m) deep for product developement and demonstrations. One test well is located inside our Training Room, for convenience.

The SOLINST manufacturing facilities include CAD/CAM design equipment, 3 state of the art CNC machines, plus conventional lathes and milling machines. Only non contaminating coolants are used to cut parts, and all machined parts are cleaned in a 3 stage cleaning and rinsing process using deionised water. A careful quality control program for all manufacturing and assembly processes completes the environment in which SOLINST instrumentation is manufactured.

The new Levelogger Gold represents the next generation of Solinst Levelogger. Vastly improved over previous versions, the Levelogger Gold is completely designed, developed and manufactured in-house, in the tradition of all Solinst high quality products.

Offering higher resolution and high accuracy of 0.05% for a much reduced price, the Levelogger Gold has improved transducer, temperature, and clock accuracies. Altitude, water density, temperature and barometric compensations also add to the major jump in accuracy.

New user-selectable recording scheduling as well as the standard event-based and linear sampling is just one of the added features of the most friendly software yet. Battery life is 10-Years, even with recordings every minute. Memory is 40,000 readings of pressure and temperature, displayed as temperature compensated level, with an on-board backup of the last 1200 logs. The stainless steel housing protects against lightning and power surges and the golden Zirconium Nitride coating gives extra corrosion resistance.