SOMMER Messtechnik develops and sells sensors and environmental monitoring equipment including system solutions for data recording, data transmission and analysis of the captured data. With more than 30 years of experience SOMMER is a true measurement specialist and reliable partner in hydrography, meteorology, industry and water management, sewage and for geotechnical applications. Innovative Doppler radar sensors for discharge measurement, unique snow monitoring technology as well as user friendly systems for data management and telemetry give proof of the distinct spirit for innovations in this company. Realising monitoring systems far from any infrastructure and in remote and harsh environments, such as alpine and high alpine weather stations, builds another field of experience of SOMMER Messtechnik.

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Street: Strassenhaeuser 27 , Koblach , Vorarlberg 6842 Austria

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Monitoring and Testing - Meteorological Monitoring
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Internationally (various countries)
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1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €


Environmental monitoring equipment by SOMMER Messtechnik is well known since many years. We develop and produce innovative, high-quality and special sensor technology in the fields of hydrology, sewage/wastewater, industrial effluents, meteorology and geotechnics as well as related fields of application and academic research.

In the beginning the main focus was on the construction and technical support of measuring systems for avalanche alert services and hydrographic services in Austria and the neighbouring countries in the alpine regions of the Alps. Meanwhile SOMMER became a global specialist for snow and water sensors and systems frequently in places remote from any infrastructure. The ultrasonic snow depth sensor, sensors for ice and liquid water content of snow, the snow scale for snow density and snow water equivalent, the SPA (snow pack analyser) measuring the composition of a snow pack and for predictions of run-off in snow layers, radars for non-contact water discharge measurement, mobile tracer systems, water level loggers and others build our diverse portfolio along with technical support and services for the same.

Our vision defines a clear goal: Offering the knowledge and the vast field experience we have gained over the years to our customers, who require professional solutions for hydrological and/or metrological tasks, in sewage or wastewater. It is our challenge to constantly refine and perfect our unique and specific sensor technology according to the market needs.


Extension building at SOMMER Messtechnik opened in May 2015.


Sommer's unique discharge measurement system RQ with innovative radar technology is distributed all over the world. The system guarantees continual measurement of flow veloctiy as well as water level and automaticallly calculates the discharge quantity of waters, rivers and channels. Due to the contact-free flow measurement the system allows relieable measurements even in case of floodwater. Very low maintenance and easy integration into any measurement network stand out amongst the various benfits of our RQ-systems.

  • Development and production of monitoring sensors for meteorology, hydrology, sewage / wastewater, hydropower stations, industrial effluents and geo-mechanic applications.
  • Automatic weather stations - plant engineering and construction of turnkey measurement systems
  • Research and development of dataloggers, observational networks and monitoring networks - SOMMER Measuring Data Server (MDS)
  • Distributer for Sontek & YSI products in Austria

Back in the mid-1980s the company founder, Mr. Wolfram Sommer, made the step to start his own business. At the beginning still together with a corporate partner, Sommer GmbH & Co KG became an independent company in 1997 and was renamed to Sommer GmbH – better known as SOMMER Messtechnik – in 2013. In the early years the business focus was clearly on the so called home marked, that is Austria, Germany and Switzerland, whereas toady SOMMER holds his ground in a global environment while still being an owner-managed family business. Meanwhile our international sales covers numerous countries around the world and on all continents.

Understanding the Environment to survey it

We appreciate and trust each other during our daily business, internally as well as towards our customers. We work with commitment and enthusiasm and it is our goal to offer solutions for the field as good and reliable as possible by employing our monitoring technology - our sensors, instruments and systems. Doing so we are frequently out in the nature. We are aware of that the nature is complex and sets certain limits to the measurement equipment.
With our experience in monitoring equipment we rely on proven technology and at the same time dare to break fresh ground with our own and innovative approaches. The benefits of a product and its suitability in practice set us the bar for success.

Together with our experts and technicians we consider it as our challenge to solve our customers' needs in monitoring equipment as good as possible. To do this job well we have to understand our environment and its limits in order to measure the desired parameters best possible.