SoundEar A/S

SoundEar A/S

SoundEar A/S

SoundEar’s vision is to develop and design noise measuring devices that do not require special previous knowledge or need to be accompanied by thick manuals, but can quickly and easily help our customers out with their noise related problem.

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Skudehavnsvej 5 , Copenhagen , 2100 Denmark
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Noise and Vibration
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Globally (various continents)
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Even though the debate about noise and hearing damage ...

... had already been going on for many years before SoundEar A/S was founded in 1998, the market lacked an educational and inexpensive noisemeter. That then became SoundEar’s mission.

The task of designing the device was placed in the hands of the talented industrial designer Anders Heger and with help from the Danish Design Council, the first prototype of SoundEar® saw the light of day in autumn 1998.After a trial period with selected day care centres and music academies, SoundEar® was put into production by sub-contractors during winter 1998 and the first production series, characterised by the white SoundEar® logo, was marketed for the first time in January 1999.

Since then, we at SoundEar have used our experience of and knowledge about noise-related problems to create and offer further products such as:
  • SoundPhines, sound absorbent foam shapes for walls
  • SoundLog, that doesn’t just measure noise and provide a warning if it gets too high, but also provides you with the possibility to print a record of the noise over a number of days or weeks.
  • PocketEar, a pocket-sized noisemeter, take it with you wherever you go
  • Individually fitted earplugs, a perfect fit for each user. The protection outcome is measured directly in-ear, thus providing documented verification of the earplugs’ effect and their ability to protect against hearing damage.