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  • Air Quality Services

  • Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling

    Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling

    Source prepares atmospheric dispersion modeling studies when required for air permit applications or upon request of its clients. These studies are performed to determine if harmful air quality impacts will occur either during routine plant operations or plant emergencies. Source maintains an extensive library of air modeling guidelines, textbooks; and manuals, as well as all EPA approved modeling codes and associated computer software. These modeling...

  • Air Emissions Inventories

    Air Emissions Inventories

    Accurate knowledge of a facility's air emissions is important for regulatory purposes, for determining available emission offsets and for developing permitting strategies. During the past five years, Source has prepared nearly 200 air emission inventories (including the air emission sections of air permit applications and SARA Toxic Release Inventories). These inventories were for facilities ranging from very large chemical complexes to small...

  • Ambient Air Monitoring

    Ambient Air Monitoring

    The Source staff can manage or perform ambient air monitoring for all criteria air pollutants, as well as for non-criteria and hazardous air pollutants. Source works with associated firms to set up and maintain continuous monitors in the field. On these projects, Source performs the data reduction and processing services by reducing data From strip chart recorders, as well as from digital data loggers. As part of its monitoring services, Source also...

  • Air Emissions Control Technology

    Air Emissions Control Technology

    An analysis of air emission control devices, called a Best Available Control Technology (BACT) analysis, is required for most air permit applications. Through continuous review of pertinent literature, frequent contact with equipment suppliers and by use of the EPA 'BACT Clearinghouse', the environmental consultants with engineering degrees and other specialists at Source maintain up-to-date knowledge of the operations, costs and efficiency of all...

  • Air Emission Source Testing and Continuous Emissions Monitoring

    Air Emission Source Testing and Continuous Emissions Monitoring

    SOURCE performs emission source testing using equipment and sampling teams located in Houston, Texas or by use of Tracer Technology sampling teams located in San Marcos, California, or by working with associated stack sampling firms. Source and its associates have performed stack sampling projects for numerous emission sources, including chemical plants, asphalt batch plants, power plants, cement plants, wood mills, incinerators, cogeneration...

  • Air Quality Risk Assessments

    Air Quality Risk Assessments

    Air quality risk assessments of airborne toxic chemical releases are performed by the Source air dispersion modeling staff. These assessments are performed as required by the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act or upon requests from clients for emergency planning information. The risk assessment studies include hazard identification and vulnerability analyses by Source emergency response specialists and risk analyses using EPA approved...

  • Fugitive Air Emission Monitoring Services

    Fugitive Air Emission Monitoring Services

    SOURCE environmental consultants with engineering degrees and other specialists perform consulting services related to fugitive air emission monitoring. These services include establishing plant monitoring programs utilizing piping and instrumentation drawings (P&ID) or in-plant line tracing of those components that require monitoring, preparing plant monitoring plans, performing quality assurance of monitoring procedures and defining report...