Southland Trailer Corp., is an incubator where innovative ideas thrive and flourish as we strive to adapt to changing market and consumer demands. At Southland, we are innovators, entrepreneurs, creators, designers and visionaries working together. Our commitment goes beyond the manufacturing process as we invest in relationships between ourselves, the dealers and the consumers, and they have brought us to a position to add value to our products beyond the capability and features of the product itself. We have grown to become one of the largest of steel product manufactures in Southern Alberta, with a customer base that stretches across Western Canada, the Territories, Ontario and several bordering US states.

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1405 - 41 Street North , Lethbridge , Alberta T1H 6G3 Canada

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Manufacturing, Other
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Internationally (various countries)

The advantages Southland Trailer Corp. has over other facilities is our in-house fabrication capabilities which allows us to “think outside the box” when designing or improving our products. Minimal outsourcing mean tighter control over production runs and the capabilities to implement customer feed back immediately during our prototyping phase.

We purchase material in bulk. This allows us to fabricate and store” kits” inhouse and stream lines the production run. When taking out the middle man, we have an increased communication between the project manager, engineer, and fab shop which has improved our product quality.

Team work ia an essential element of STC operations. Even though we have large facilities and over 100 employees, interdepartmental cooperation has enhanced our designs, decreased lead times, and increased production without getting other venders involved.

STC Today

Southland fabricates our entire product line in-house, which increases production and minimizes cost. Currently, at Southland Trailers we have divided our plant up into four main areas: Parts Fabrication, Fabrication Line, Prep/Paint Booth and Finishing Line.

Parts Fabrication
All of our steel parts are cut and fabricated here at the plant. With the state of the art Plasma table we have the capability to cut out a variety of small parts and pieces that need to be assembled to the trailer. In addition we also bend, cut and bind these parts if need be.
Fabrication Line
Our expert welders are skilled with all types of steel and various widths. Our in-house Brakes, Shears, Plasma Cutter and Punches add to our arsenal, giving us the capability of building and manufacturing to our customer’s needs. Southland’s experience allows us to do repair jobs, production welding and custom work.

Paint Booth
Southland Trailers Corp. has done some major renovations in the past year upgrading our paint operations with the new addition of our shot blast booth. We also provide the following range of product finishes: Primer, Wet Coat Paint, Baked Finish, Two Part Epoxy.

Finish Line

On the finish line we add the final touches to the trailer which include installing the flooring, aluminum skin application, electrical work, roof mounting, Tire assembly and the application of automotive under coating. This is where we customise any work, which includes additional doors, windows, vents, heater packages, electrical packages, custom colors etc.