Dewatering Expertise and Technologies involve the removal of water from solid material or soil by wet classification, centrifugation, filtration, or similar solid-liquid separation processes, such as removal of residual liquid using pressure like a filter press. We are constantly striving to provide our customers the most cost efficient and effective products, services and solutions. Our personnel are skilled in the design, optimization, and troubleshooting of liquid solids separation applications.

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4152 Meridian Street Suite 105-112 , Bellingham , Washington 98226 USA

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Consulting firm
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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Welcome to SPINPRO Dewatering Services, Products & Expertise

SPINPRO would like to thank you for taking a moment to visit our web site. Spinpro provides dewatering services products, expertise, equipment and consultant services for dredging and de-watering projects worldwide. SPINPRO is an innovative company that is committed to offering our clients the most economical and efficient solutions to sludge management, water treatment and remediation.  We will help you match the right equipment and products to your dewatering project and make sure it all arrives on time and operational.

  • Liquid Solid Separation 95%
  • Chemical Treatment 96%
  • Process Optimization 97%
  • Equipment & Technology 98%