S.T. Japan USA

S.T. Japan USA

S.T. Japan, Inc. representing clients producing innovative spectroscopic and analytical instruments, accessories, software and spectral databases. Offering over 36,000 ATR-FTIR spectra as a complete database or in subsets. Also, 50,000 FTIR transmission spectra, complete or in subsets; and over 10,000 Raman spectra. Spectra available in all spectral search formats. Also offering unique FTIR and Raman micro accessories and sample handling accessories: this year featuring our new Diamond ATR objective for FTIR Microscopes and including the Diamond mini-plane, Diamond EX’Press Compression Cell, Micro-Vice Holder, and EZ-Pick II.

Company details

8813 East Bay Circle , Ft. Myers , Florida 33908 USA

Locations Served

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Monitoring and Testing - Laboratory Equipment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Our main functions and activities are:

To directly sell to End-Users located in the USA and the other Americas, products developed and produced by S.T. Japan, Inc. and other Japanese manufacturers represented by S.T.Japan, Inc. .

Our Key Products are:

  • Spectra Databases
  • Spectroscopic Accessories
  • Microscopy Accessories
  • Analytical Instruments

To establish distribution arrangements with companies in the Americas desiring to distribute S.T. Japan, Inc. products or products of other Japanese manufacturers represented by S.T. Japan, Inc. Please contact us if you would be interested in such an arrangement.

To seek companies desiring distribution in Japan and Korea. To help locate and identify companies throughout the world, with new and innovative analytical, process and biochemical instrumentation or accessories, that are seeking distribution in Japan and Korea.

To help determine that the markets, applications and support required for such instrumentation or accessories are in line with, and compatible with those available through S.T. Japan, Inc.

To assist in negotiating distribution agreements with these companies and to provide ongoing communications support after any distribution arrangement is established.