Stagric, Lda.

Stagric, Lda.

Stagric, Lda.

Stagric, Lda., was founded in 1986 and is dedicated to research, manufacture, assembly and marketing of agricultural and industrial equipment. Headquartered in Zona Industrial da Carvoeira, municipality of Torres Vedras, district of Lisbon, Stagric has a total area of 7,500 m2, of this area 3,000 m2 are covered and is where the various sectores of the industry are concentrated. Stagric has a branch in the northern region of the country - Pulnorte, an experienced and respected company in the area of spraying. The existence of this branch has allowed a better response to the demands, as well as many retailers have found that the revitalization of the brand Pulnorte has been a very consistent alternative. Currently, Stagric manufactures and markets a wide range of high quality and well known products, which can compete in the most demanding markets in the agricultural sector, primarily in the business of spraying and on specific machines for vineyards, orchards and olive groves.

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Torres Vedras - Apartado 185 , Carvoeira , 2565 - 136 Portugal
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Stagric manufactures and markets a wide range of sprayers, dusters, inter row weeding booms, vine trimmers, vine pre-pruners, sweepers, tree and olive pruners, hydraulic elevators and grape loaders.

We are representatives in Portugal of the renowned Italian brand of agricultural machinery - Bertolini, which we market tillers, cultivators, sickie bar mowers, transporters and tractors. Still in this sector, we also market a range of leaf vacuums cleaners and tillers, with our brand - Bemagric.

We are also representatives in Portugal, in the industrial cleaning equipment area, of the prestigious Italian brand IPC Portotécnica, which market various models of high pressure washing machines, vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, scrubber driers, floor sweepers, self service cleaners, nebulizers, accessories and chemicals. We also manufacture a line of high pressure washing machines with our brand - ProClean.

Stagric is also known for manufacturing specific washers, personalized to fit the individual needs of our customers.

Stagric was founded in 1986. The company's initial commercial and administrative facilities where located in Torres Vedras, on the street Candido dos Reis, at this time the company also had warehouses in Runa and a small manufacturing unit in Carreiras, until mid-1996.

Initially, Stagric only marketed sprayers and some models of high pressure washers imported directly from Italy.

The sprayers were Stagric's first manufactured product and quickly became a success in the market.

Since the very beginning, Stagric had a strategy for the company´s growth and therefore immediately bought grounds in Zona Industrial da Carvoeira, with the objective of building new and modern facilities, in this way Stagric could become a true agricultural and industrial equipment industry.

The move to the new premises operated in two phases. At first, in 1996, one of the pavilions was built, administrative and commercial facilities installed, as well as warehouses and assembly lines, maintaining the small manufacturing unit in Carreiras. The second phase consisted of the construction of the second pavilion, where a modern industrial unit was installed and began operating in September 2000, this allowed to overcome some manufacturing shortcomings as well as giving us today, a total independence to manufacture of all our products and accessories.

Since 1997 we have a northern branch operating in Gandra (Paredes) - Pulnorte, which was acquired by Stagric in the same year.

Stagric started investing in 1996 and has not stopped since then, with modern facilities, qualified personnel and high quality and well knownproducts, our objective now is to avoid the aging of our products as well as avoid being overtaken by the competition, maintain alert to new technologies, new manufacturing processes and new business opportunities that provide sustainable growth.

One of Stagric's strategic options is to keep growing stronger and more competitive in the national market, offering customers efficient, high quality and well known products as well as products that accompany current technological developments.

Currently, Stagric manufactures a range of products that have had huge success and acceptance, in the national market but primarily in foreign markets. Our sprayers and accessories, hydraulic booms, dusters vine trimmers and vine pre-pruners, sweepers, are some of the products that have the quality to compete in the most demanding agricultural markets.

On the other hand, Stagric bet heavily on exports, especially in markets with a strong component in the wine industry, where its products can easily succeed by their quality and competitive price.

This strategy has already begun to show results... today, exports weigh fundamentally in Stagric's sales, countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, EUA and South Africa are already consumers,as well as important partnerships were established with foreign manufacturers.

Stagric is, by its history, a company that excels in their machine's innovation, accompanying first hand the new technologies and excelling by the quality of their products, it was like this in the past, as it is so in the present and will continue to be in the future.