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Stainless Piping Specialists is a manufacurer specializing in `custom` stainless pipe fabricator tailored to meet specific needs. We are a provider of specialty fittings/components for environmental wastewater and water treatment. Using the latest technology with a skilled team we are able to deliver a quality product on time along with our sister company Alliance Metals Group who is a distributor of stainless steel fitings. 100,000 SQ. FT. facility, 3D design software, 6 axis tube laser, ERP system with shop floor data collection, on site passivation tanks.

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1330 East Main Street, PO BOX 510 , Omro , Wisconsin 54963 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Pipes and Piping
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Internationally (various countries)
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Stainless Unlimited was incorporated in 1985 as a passivator of stainless steel piping and components for the crash rescue and fire apparatus industry. Stainless Unlimited evolved into a fabricator that not only provided a superior finished product at unbeatable speeds, but also with complete engineering support throughout the project as well. It was from this that Stainless Unlimited’s concept of full service and support matched with outstanding speed and quality was born.

Today, Stainless Piping Specialists manufacturing division of Stainless Unlimited maintains a staff capable of giving you expert design and engineering support, diverse manufacturing capabilities to suit your products needs, and with one of the largest standing inventories of stainless steel raw materials on hand turn around times are better than any other stainless fabricator can offer.

Add all of this together and you have a reputation for meeting and exceeding customer needs at competitive pricing that is well known throughout the Fire Apparatus, Water Treatment and custom stainless fabrication industries.

Since Stainless Unlimited’s founding, its facilities have grown to over 100,000 square feet while continuously updating facilities and equipment to provide customers with the widest range of choices in manufacturing capabilities.

Stainless Piping Specialists is one of few custom fabricators to operate an automated T-Drill machine which allows us to “pull” ports at any point on a length of pipe rather than using a buttweld tee or coped joint. However, depending on your needs we also run a manual T-Drill machine, a custom CNC pipe drilling machine, and a number of manual mills.

Our skilled welders qualified in multiple processes including MIG, TIG and Full Penetration Gas Backed welds can offer the flexibility required of high variety – low volume parts or one-of-a-kind projects.

In addition to a complete complement of machining, fabrication and welding equipment, Stainless Piping Specialists places an emphasis on corrosion protection. We utilize only non-ferrous stainless steel throughout our plant to reduce the threat of carbon contamination. Every component we produce is then passivated by emersion into a 22’ lg x 8’ wide x 4.5’ deep nitric acid bath, a process that guarantees absolute protection inside and out. After passivating, we can also offer electropolishing for parts that require a highly-polished finish.

Stainless Piping Specialists takes technology seriously but also realizes that sometimes low-tech is a more cost effective option. Not sure which way to go, don’t worry. Knowing how and when to apply the proper technology, machinery or process comes from our greatest resource, our skilled staff of Engineers and Manufacturing personnel.

Put us to the test, call Stainless Piping Specialists for a quote on your next job. We are large enough to deliver on time, small enough to offer personalized service.