Stockholm International Water Institute

Stockholm International Water Institute

Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) provides and promotes water wise solutions for sustainable development in five thematic areas: water governance, transboundary water management, climate change and water, the water-energy-food nexus, and water economics. We bridge science, policy and practice for a water wise world. We also bring together experts, practitioners and decision-makers from a range of sectors and countries during our annual World Water Week in Stockholm to network, exchange ideas and foster new thinking around the most pressing water-related challenges of today. To help recognize outstanding water achievements and encourage interest in water and sustainability issues, SIWI also hosts the world’s most respected award for water achievement, the Stockholm Water Prize, as well as the Stockholm Junior Water Prize and the Stockholm Industry Water Award.

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Linnégatan 87A Box 101 87 , Stockholm , 100 55 Sweden


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Research institute
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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)
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SIWI’s vision is a water wise world, where we recognize the value of water, and ensure that it is shared and allocated sustainably, equitably and efficiently, to meet everyone’s basic needs. 

Through applied research, policy consultation, capacity-building, and connecting key actors across sectors, SIWI stimulates the development of innovative policies and scientifically-based solutions to water-related challenges.

SIWI also hosts several flagship programmes, including the UNDP Water Governance Facility at SIWI, and since 2014, UNESCO Category II Centre, the International Centre for Water Cooperation (ICWC). Through the Swedish Water House, SIWI also connects Swedish water stakeholders from different sectors with each other and with international processes and discussions.

Today, SIWI employs over 70 staff with a wide-range of professional and cultural backgrounds (our staff speak over 20 languages), in two locations (a secondary office in Pretoria, South Africa). This supports us to address complex, cross-cutting challenges faced by clients and partners from government and business around the world.

Internationally active, politically neutral, and intellectually objective, SIWI welcomes opportunities for collaboration with partners across the world.


SIWI have a flexible matrix organization combining work areas with thematic structure, and organised to support the periodic formation of dedicated working groups tailor-made for each short- and long-term project and programme that we undertake.

Team-based, multidisciplinary and flexible working arrangements are therefore hallmarks of our organisational culture.

SIWI is governed by a board combining experience from the public and private sector. The Prizes are governed by independent committees and administered by SIWI. For the World Water Week in Stockholm, a Scientific Programme Committee ensures that cutting-edge knowledge of the Week is upheld.

SIWI’s prime target audience is agents of change. These may be policy and decision makers on all levels, in charge of governance and management of resources and assets with an impact on availability, access and quality of water. They may also be an audience which has an impact on change agents, such as advisors, researchers and media workers.

For the last few years SIWI has been an organisation in growth. The demand for our knowledge services in particular has increased and we expect it to continue to do so during the strategy period. Our staff has increased during the last five year period from around 20 to over 50, reflecting the increasing demand for support to meet challenges faced by countries and organisations in managing their water resources. Please navigate on the left to see the SIWI staff members.