Strategic Sustainability Consulting (SSC)

Strategic Sustainability Consulting (SSC)

Strategic Sustainability Consulting (SSC) provides organizations with the tools and expertise they need to actively manage their social and environmental impacts. We specialize in helping under-resourced organizations implement sustainable solutions usually reserved for large, multinational companies. Today, SSC is represented by approximately 650 sustainability professionals across six continents ready to contribute to our clients` success. Since 2005, SSC has worked with clients around the globe – from Fortune 500 companies and Walmart suppliers to small start-ups and nonprofits.

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888 Station Street , Herndon , Virginia 20170 USA
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Consulting firm
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Environmental Management
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Globally (various continents)
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A few years ago, if you were interested in this thing called “sustainability” you were either a big Fortune 500 company or a hippie treehugger.  Small and medium size organizations didn’t have a place to turn if they needed help to “go green”.  Non-profits were simply expected to get it right, and trade associations were left completely out of the picture.  Sustainability consultancies simply overlooked these groups.

So we started Strategic Sustainability Consulting (SSC) in 2005, with the express mission to deliver sustainability expertise to these under-resourced organizations.  Our goal was—and still is—to provide state-of-the-art consulting services that can be scaled to meet the needs of all kinds of organizations.  And that’s our vision: sustainability for every organization.

Today, SSC is represented by approximately 650 sustainability professionals—across six continents—ready to contribute to our clients' success. Our ability to draw on experts in every field of sustainability is one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors.

We're proud to work with some of the best people in the industry, and thrilled to offer our clients a customized team of experts ready to tackle any sustainability challenge.

Our commitment to the environment is embodied not only in our compliance with environmental laws and regulations, but also in our product stewardship programs and business consulting.  Each member of the SSC Consultant Network is responsible for supporting our commitment to environmental excellence.  

Because our primary environmental impact is travel, we seek to minimize our carbon emissions whenever possible through virtualization and green travel practices like carpooling and using public transit.

We also seek to operate a paperless office, defined as using less than one ream of paper (500 sheets) per year. We accomplish this through electronic document delivery, e-banking, and e-invoices.

We are committed to offsetting 100% of our carbon footprint on an annual basis, including the impacts associated with the SSC Consultant Network (for projects undertaken directly with SSC).


All SSC Consultant Network operations are to be conducted in a manner that protects the health and safety of all people in the communities where we operate.  Unless otherwise required by legal requirements or auditor professional standards of conduct, in the event that you suspect, or become aware of, a situation where the environment, health, and safety of a project is being compromised, you must report it to SSC management immediately.