Stucchi, Inc.

Stucchi, Inc.

Stucchi, Inc.

Stucchi is a leading global manufacturer of hydraulic quick coupler products, providing reliable quick disconnect solutions since 1960. Our forward-thinking design capabilities combined with vast expertise in engineering and fabrication allow us to deliver the highest of quality in quick release products. Stucchi provides experienced and ongoing technical support as we are committed to your process improvement through innovative and first to market quick coupler products. We are recognized nationally and internationally for our exceptional problem-solving engineering and delivering the best in design and production of connection and fluid control products.

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1105 Windham Parkway , Romeoville , Illinois 60446 USA
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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)

Hydraulic Quick Coupler Solutions for Any Industry
Stucchi offers a wealth of engineering expertise to provide solutions for your specific industrial application, custom designed to meet your specifications. Industries we serve include mobile operations such as heavy equipment on the road that requires an immediate solution. Mobile operations rely on our heavy duty quick couplers and multi-coupling plates for quick change versatility with rugged, leak-free connectors. The oil and gas industry utilize our high-pressure connection couplers to meet the rigorous demands of drilling and extracting oil and natural gas while protecting their employees and preventing catastrophic failure.

Industrial processes require quick connect, leak free couplers and multi-coupling plates to meet manufacturing demands, and agricultural operations benefit from our rugged quick couplers which hold up to the harsh outdoor environment, providing reliable and leak free quick-change versatility.

No matter the industry, Stucchi delivers the optimum quick coupler products for your environment and application. You can have confidence in our decades of experience to provide the best hydraulic quick coupler and connector products that meet your industry’s demands. Our design and engineering services are second to none, providing custom solutions to any industrial requirement.

Stucchi has more than 50 years of experience in meeting the demands for high quality fluid connection and control products with innovative product solutions that meet customer specifications. Contact us today to learn more about our superior product line from the leading manufacturer of the hydraulic quick coupler.

At Stucchi, integrity begins with the design expertise and quality execution of our products, and it continues to inform what we do and how we act. It is a given that you can rely on our prompt delivery of reliable, quality products, but you can depend on more with us. Our experienced technical support helps you improve your business, not just one of your products, with the promise of opportunity created by a true commitment to process improvement.

From Start to Finish


We take pride in being a leader in first-to-market connection solutions that are often emulated later by others. Unlike coupler manufacturers who react to the marketplace, we proactively create the solutions that drive the market and answer our customer’s specific needs.


We help improve your efficiency and provide our own, with quick efficient delivery from our U.S.-based inventory. Our process analysis provides you an ROI that is quick to perform, now and over the long term, improving your efficiency by:

  • Meeting deadlines by remaining on schedule
  • Eliminating work shutdowns due to leakage concerns
  • Saving time switching out equipment lines
  • Creating more time for preventive maintenance


We are dedicated to prompt shipment of customer orders; in fact, we consider this reliability to be an essential part of our business. Our commitment to carry large inventory levels in North America allows Stucchi USA the capability to service our customer’s needs promptly and efficiently.


Our process analysis can help you increase your productivity, whether it is out in the field or on the shop floor. We integrate quantity and quality concerns to help you achieve continuous improvement by:

  • Preventing unintended downtime
  • Meeting or exceeding productivity goals
  • Reducing non-productive time
  • Creating potential business growth opportunities


Leak-free connections are mandatory in industries using hydraulic technology. Because we also understand the vital role leak-free solutionsplay in protecting the environment, we help you eliminate environmental issues and reduce associated costs by:

  • Preventing contamination issues
  • Protecting surrounding areas from leaking hydraulic fluid
  • Eliminating fines and remediation fees
  • Preventing potential site shutdowns


We continue to be dedicated to continual improvement in all aspects of our company, including technical support, product quality assurance, prompt shipment due to our commitment to large North American inventory levels, and custom inventory capabilities.

Stucchi, Inc is the subsidiary of Stucchi Spa, founded in 1960 by Stucchi brothers Innocente and Lorenzo, in Pagazzano, Italy. The company began as an innovative screw machine shop, and grew to produce hydraulic couplers in the mid 1970s and flat face couplers in 1983. Stucchi has since become a leader in the manufacturing of today’s ISO 16028 flat face interchange, supplying multinational OEM customers. The U.S. operation in Romeoville, Illinois began in 2002 to support the growing needs of Stucchi’s U.S. customer base with a North American distribution network.