SUCO Robert Scheuffele GmbH & Co. KG

SUCO Robert Scheuffele GmbH & Co. KG

SUCO Robert Scheuffele GmbH & Co. KG

SUCO Robert Scheuffele GmbH & Co. KG, well-known by its trade name SUCO, is well established as a specialist for products in the field of fluid and transmission. Pressure monitoring of hydraulic or pneumatic systems is secured by an extensive product range. Mechanical pressure and vacuum switches, tailor-made versions with plug or cable, explosion proof pressure switches according to the new ATEX directive have gained an excellent reputation all over the world. SUCO`s product range includes also electronic pressure switches, transmitters and sensors. The product range of transmission technology includes centrifugal clutches and brakes, electromagnetic clutches and brakes as well as the combination with other transmission technology elements to a complete system.

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Keplerstr. 12-14 , Bietigheim-Bissingen , Baden Württemberg 74321 Germany
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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Agricultural applications

SUCO pressure switches and pressure transmitters guarantee that your agricultural machine is always functional and available for use. The control of the system pressure of the hydraulic circuit makes sure that all units work correctly.

Dirt, moist, cold (up to -40°C/F) or high temperature – SUCO pressure monitoring systems, e.g. with integrated connector and IP6K9K protection, provide reliable control of hydraulic systems under harshest conditions.
This makes SUCO pressure monitoring products ideal for use directly in the drive gear or other exposed positions.

Highly precise functions such as monitoring the overload of lifting systems, cutting systems, hydraulic transportation systems and hydrostatic transmission are assured with the new range of SUCO pressure transmitters incorporating SoS technology.

Construction machines

Typical applications for SUCO products are the monitoring of system, oil or break pressure, especially traction and the working hydraulics of construction machines that are exposed to extreme pressure peaks which exceed normal industry standards. 

Ultra-high pressure resistance and bursting pressures are the main characteristics that make SUCO products ideal for steering hydraulics, hydrostatic drives or brake systems.
Most popular is our pressure switch series which can be supplied with a range of integrated connectors such as Deutsch, AMP Superseal, AMP Junior Timer, Bajonett DIN 72585 or Packard MetriPack, all of which are often found in construction machines. SUCO pressure monitoring elements are rated with IP6K9K or IP67 protection to withstand the elements as well as the water jets of professional high pressure cleaning systems.

Machinery parts in automated production systems

Plant machinery is an expensive investment. Therefore quality components are required to ensure that your equipment can run reliably and effectively. We have optimized our mechanical pressure switches and electronic systems for maximum durability and resiliency. All SUCO pressure switches and sensors are subjected to endurance testing and conditioning in-house, setting the standard for pressure monitoring in the plant and machinery industry.

SUCO offers a wide range of pressure switches and pressure transmitters that are optimized for many purposes. In addition to our standard range we develop customized special solutions to solve individual technical challenges. DIN and M12 plug-in connectors provide safe and easy electrical connection and the compact design allows use of the transmitters in smaller units.

Anesthesia systems

Safety plays a key role wherever systems in medical applications operate under pressure. Our mechanical and electronic pressure and vacuum switches as well as transmitters measure pressure accurately and reliably in medical systems. Reliability is a key quality for our pressure monitoring products. To achieve this performance we periodically test all our switches and transmitters over millions of cycles. The use of our pressure monitoring products in medical applications is as diverse as our product range itself:

  • Monitoring of gas supply in anesthesia systems
  • Measuring pressure in high pressure autoclaves
  • Control of medias in sterilization and cleaning-units
  • Control of hydraulic supply in operating tables
  • Supervising gas supply (such as nitrogen, oxygen, helium etc.) in the gas networks of hospitals.

Drinking water

Our pressure switches can be used to control the cooling circuits in machinery to ensure that damage caused by missing coolants can be reliably avoided.

SUCO has long term experience in providing pressure monitoring solutions to all aspects of water industry including applications in the food industry, medical technology, welding technology, coolant monitoring and water hydraulics. For many years SUCO pressure transmitters and pressure switches have been used in water sourcing systems and wastewater treatment. Drinking water is subject to high legal requirements. SUCO offers a sealing material EPDM-TW that meet FDA and other national and international approvals for drinking water.

Small wind turbines

SUCO pressure monitoring products can also be found in combined heating and power stations, biogas plants and other mechanisms that generate renewable energies. SUCO pressure monitoring systems undergo extreme functional tests. Mechanical pressure switches are guaranteed for 106 switch cycles with low switch point deviation. Our pressure transmitters ensure excellent long term stability and low temperature drift. These are important advantages in systems that are rarely maintained or difficult to access.

Wind energy plants are usually subjected to extreme conditions such as low or high temperatures, temperature fluctuations, salt water etc. SUCO pressure switches and transmitters work reliably in temperature ranges from -40ºC to +120ºC.