Summit Services Group LLC

Summit Services Group LLC

Joel Jonker, founder of Down To Earth Compliance, LLC (DTEC) and Summit Services Group, LLC has specialized in erosion and soil control compliance issues since 1995. He is a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) and often provides training to others in the industry through association events and internal training programs. As the leader of Summit Services Group, Joel’s primary role is the development of current and future leaders for the business and the industry. This includes coaching Team Leaders and others as they gain experience in managing the business so that clients can count on Summit to deliver affordable compliance. Together, Joel and the Team Leaders at Summit are continually improving our software, systems, and processes to ensure that the quality of our deliverables meet regulatory requirements and exceed clients expectations.

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15690 E 33rd Ave, Unit A , Aurora , Colorado 80011 USA

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We get it. Every one of your vendors promises excellence. They all want to partner with you, and they all claim to be an industry leader. So how are we different?

We listen to you.

Yes, we know the regulations and best practices, but if we offer cookie cutter solutions you will not get the best program for your needs. So we listen.

When we listen to your needs, you will find the following outcomes are achievable:

  • Savings thru Customized Plans: BMPs represent the largest cost on your project. The selection, location, and phasing of BMPs is critical to  reducing both risk and cost. With 15 years in erosion control contracting, your Summit team not only knows which BMPs work, but where and when to use them for optimal results. We even know which BMPs are the easiest to maintain.
  • Savings thru Organization: Protecting your investment in BMPs begins with a well trained team and well organized compliance program. Waste can be found everywhere, from BMPs that are installed to soon, to maintenance exercises (like sweeping) that are performed at the wrong time, or even something as simple as managing traffic on your job site to minimize damage to BMPs. When your inspection company understands your goals we can optimize the program to save you money.
  • Savings thru Communication: Repairing or replacing damaged BMPs represents your second largest investment over the course of your project. Preventing damage comes through improved communication with all project team members and putting in place new motivation to avoid damage in the future. It also requires timely notification of maintenance events. Emergencies always cost more. That’s why it is important to continue to listen to our clients over the life of the project. We don’t set it and forget it, we work with you week after week to ensure the best outcomes.