SUNEX S.A. is a leading manufacturer of innovative solutions based on renewable energy sources. The company was founded in 2002 in Raciborz. It offers to customers among others: heat pumps, solar panels, thermo-siphons, assembly systems, connection systems, water heater tanks, pump stations, heat exchange-stations, heat carriers (propylene glycol), solar controllers, custom products (according to individual client projects).

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ul. Piaskowa 7 , Racibórz , 47-400 Poland

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Solar Power
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Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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SUNEX S.A.  is a leading manufacturer of innovative solutions based on renewable energy sources. The company was founded in 2002 in Raciborz. It offers to customers among others:

  • Heat pumps
  • Solar panels
  • Thermo-siphons
  • Assembly systems
  • Connection systems
  • Water heater tanks
  • Pump stations
  • Heat exchange-stations
  • Heat carriers (propylene glycol)
  • Solar controllers
  • Custom products (according to individual client projects)

About 60%  of the Production goes for export. The chance for growth Sunex S.A. sees in increasing interest in solar energy as a economic and ecological way of heating. An example can be the decision of the European Union which accepted a directive that requires the participation of renewable energy sources in energetic balance up to 20% in all European countries.

SUNEX S.A. puts on excellent quality. The cooperation bound with many polish and foreign suppliers enables us to use the newest materials and solutions in the solar systems branch. The company uses recourses and semi - finished products supplied by renowned manufacturers. Quality control takes care that the production goes according with implemented norms PN – EN ISO 9001:2001 and PN- EN 14001: 2005, which guarantees high quality and reliable products..

Taking care of each stage of the solar installation, we organize trainings for installers in the field of construction, mode of operation and selection of solar systems - a guarantee of proper performance of the installation for customers.

The SUNEX S.A. company debuted on the Stock Exchange regulated market on 30.07.2015, where series A and B shares are listed. Previously, the Company's shares were traded on the New Connect market.


We provide innovative solutions in the field of solar technology, which allow to achieve a competitive advantage.


We constantly invest in knowledge and development. We strive for business excellence, thus increasing the potential and value of the company.
We cooperate with the science sector, research and development institutions and with the business environment, we also work on the development and use of modern, energy efficient solutions.
All employees of the Sunex S.A. company have clearly defined objectives and responsibilities.
We create a culture of innovation, creativity and development.
The Sunex brand stands for innovative solar solutions.


Key resource of the Sunex S.A. company are peoples enthusiasm and knowledge. The fundamental values, which we consistently follow are:
knowledge and practical experience, innovation, creativity and curiosity, effectiveness (courage in making changes, openness to innovation, the search for unusual solutions, cooperation), responsibility and integrity (timeliness, transparency of cooperation).
These values build the company's identity and determine the impact on its stability and confidence from the customers.


The aim of the Sunex S.A company is a continuous improvement of its products and solutions, so by listening to the needs of the customers, we are able to meet their requirements and expectations, but also create future needs. We create value for the company's stakeholders through the optimal use of existing capacity and the implementation of development projects.