Surcis is a company specialized in respirometry systems and wastewater biological treatment processes. The compact and fast BM multipurpose respirometers are unique in the market. Thanks to their three different working modes and the faculty to run under different conditions of temperature, pH, oxygen and sample volumes, they can cover an unlimited field of applications for the different types of wastewater biological treatments, including MBR systems. By other side, Surcis has also developed a serial of applications and working protocols for a quick and effective control of the global process and specifically for nitrification and denitrification, within the frame of energy optimization.

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Encarnación, 123-125 , Barcelona , 08024 Spain
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)


SURCIS, S.L. is a company born from the enterprise DINTER, S.A. ( on the year 2003, with which we share infrastructure and some products.

In SURCIS, S.L. we have acquired the commitment to satisfy important needs related with the measurement of the key biological parameters and derived applications applied to the control, design and research of the biological process in wastewater treatment municipal and industrial plants.

For this approach, we have developed our exclusive respirometry systems and have also equipped the company with an appropriated infrastructure to undertake this commitment.

The activities and fields in which Surcis is approaching, could be summarized as follow:

  • BM Respirometry exploitation in its entire dimension: by manufacturing, selling and renting its exclusive line of BM respirometeres.
  • Integral Solutions offers for specific needs covering.
  • Respirometry Services, directly to customer or through other companies.
  • Consulting program approached to problems resolution for different types of wastewater treatment.
  • Workshop program for real operation in treatment plants.
  • R&D program, by which we are constantly developing new respirometry applications.
  • Open position towards the collaboration with other complementary companies that may need our services, equipments or new developments.

The BM respirometry has got the approach for a state of the art design, placed in the frame of simplicity and very low maintenance. BM Respirometry is based on a patented system.

BM respirometers are based on an open system, without oxygen and time limitations. Those conditions permit an unlimited number of possibilities and applications. Here we are listing some of the most common applications:

  • Optimization and energy saving
    Energy saving is one important target in a WWTP maintenance and control. For that, BM Respirometry can determine the actual oxygen needs in the process and the minimum oxygen levels at which the process can efficiently operate.
  • Pulse of the process
    Early very fast process assessment and early alert to anticipate potential problems that could occur in the near future.
  • COD fractioning
    On that application, the software automatically calculates the total biodegradable COD (bCOD), readily biodegradable COD (rbCOD), and from here we can calculate the slowly biodegradable COD (sbCOD) and inert COD (iCOD). From COD fractioning we can analyze the actual biodegradable condition of the organic matter and the amount of non-degradable COD (inert) or refractory COD included in the effluent.
  • Substrate utilization rate
    From bCOD and rbCOD respirograms we calculate the actual rate at which the COD is actually being eliminated in the activated sludge process. Form those data we can calculate the actual COD elimination capacity of the process within its current conditions and also the optimal, minimum and maximum loading rate and sludge age at which the process can operate.
  • Specific toxicity to a determined activated sludge
    On screening (extremely fast) or precise modes, we determine the presence and toxicity degree of a determined wastewater in the activated sludge within actual conditions, and also experimenting different conditions and flow.
  • Advanced oxidation processes tracking
    The combination of COD fractioning, substrate utilization rate and specific inhibition/toxicity permits the perfect tracking of any advanced oxidation system and assess the evolution of the substrate biodegration character throughout the treatment.
  • Biological Activity
    To regularly follow the biological activity with the purpose to detect early signs of operational problems, to prevent the possible toxicity presence and bulking & foaming formation as well.
  • Bioaugmentation
    Through regular monitoring of the specific respiration rates of an standard substrate, we can follow up the bioaugmentation effects along the time and determine the correct bio-product utilization and dosage.
  • Nitrification capacity
    By means easy respirometric tests, we determine the capacity of ammonium removal of the process in its actual nitrification conditions and other possible conditions that the process may operate.
  • Effect of Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature and pH in the Nitrification process
    The BM-Advance is specially designed to study the effect of physic-chemical conditions that could affect the nitrification process and to calculate the the minimum and optimal level for it.
  • Denitrification
    From the consumed oxygen in the rbCOD value, we know the amount of carbonaceous matter necessary for the denitrification process. Furthermore, by means the ration of this consumed oxygen with the amount of nitrate to denitrify we calculate the denitrification capacity related with the available carbonaceous matter.
  • Operative parameters optimization (F/M, SRT, ...)
    From COD fractioning, ammonium capacity and activity, we can control and calculate the operative parameters for an optimal process performance.
  • Nutrients ratio
    Also, from rbCOD value we determine the correct carbonaceous amount to be taken into account in the C/N/P ratio and carry out studies related with nutrients deficiency.
  • Modelling
    By combining different types of respirometric test, we can calculate the different stoichiometric and kinetic parameters; and also to give an important support to any of the simulation software that are in the market.
  • Activated sludge acclimatization follow-up
    The BM respirometry can run an essential paper in a process set-up, at the time to be adapted to a specific wastewater or industrial stream by means of regularly tracking the biological activity and substrate elimination capacity.
  • Innovative processes studies
    Ozonization, Hidrogen peroxide, Free radicals, Photo-Fenton Electro-magnetism, Electrolysis,…
  • Pilot plants
    Design, management, research,…
  • R & D studies
    In the BM respirometry we can find a wide fan of possibilities to be applied to R & D.
  • MBBR process
    Thanks to a specially designed reactor for biomass-carriers (bed bio-films), the BM respirometers can be applied to MBBR process and run the same applications as normal activated sludge process.