Swiss Climate Ltd.

Swiss Climate Ltd.

We are a dynamic consultancy team for CO2 management, sustainability and energy. We support companies in reaching a positive impact on the environment and on society. Swiss Climate offers innovative solutions, long-standing experience and a broad network to improve your competitiveness, for sustainable market positioning and credible engagement.

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Taubenstrasse 32 , Bern , 3011 Switzerland
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Business Type:
Consulting firm
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Climate Change
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Globally (various continents)
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We advise companies and organisations in setting up holistic climate strategies and sustainability concepts.

What is your corporate strategy with regard to climate change and sustainability? Do you know how large your carbon footprint is and where you can save energy? How can you effectively communicate your commitment to climate protection?

Climate change is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Swiss Climate offers instruments for reducing CO2 emissions and for encouraging the use of renewable energies that make ecological and economic sense.

Our clients include for example renowned banks, logistics companies, event agencies, hotels, foreign embassies, insurance companies or printers.

With our assistance, you too can profitably integrate climate protection and sustainable management in your business processes.

More than 10 years of experience

The origins of Swiss Climate Ltd. go back to 2000. Two forestry engineers, Oliver Stankiewitz and Christoph Butz, founded c4c AG in 2000 to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Kyoto Protocol in the forestry sector. c4c subsequently diversified its activities to all project activities covered by the scope of the Kyoto Protocol.

Swiss Climate Invest Ltd. was founded in 2006 and specialised in providing financial services for climate projects.

After two years of successful partnership, in 2009 Swiss Climate Invest and c4c combined their activities under the name Swiss Climate. Since then, all expert know-how and skills have been brought together under one roof.

We set a good example.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Climate protection is a joint task; we see our role in making an active contribution. Accordingly, Swiss Climate follows a sustainable environmental and climate policy. We are convinced that sustainability and climate protection should be part of our daily activities. We are therefore aware of the greenhouse gas emissions generated in the course of our business activities and deploy specific measures to constantly reduce them. As service providers for climate protection, we set a good example and take our corporate and social responsibility seriously. We engender greater awareness in our clients, our employees and the public at large and create sustainable added value for all.

We apply the best possible standards.

Our services are designed strictly according to the rules of the ISO environmental standards (ISO 14000 series) and according to internationally acknowledged sustainability standards, and conform to the strictest quality requirements. A high degree of transparency, professional expertise and service orientation underlines the credibility we enjoy with our clients.

Our conduct is always fair and professional.

We give an undertaking to all stakeholders to deal professionally with all business processes, acting as reputable partners at all time.

We exemplify climate protection

Swiss Climate offers its clients climate protection services. This is why we set a good example and exemplify climate protection in our own company. We are convinced that everyone should and can make a contribution to the common goal of protecting our climate.

Our climate protection goals

We have set ourselves the goal of achieving continuous, lasting reductions in the annual greenhouse gas emissions per employee.

Annual carbon footprint

In 2010, the company's business activities emitted around 6 tonnes of CO2. For the most part, the emissions are generated by electricity consumption and business travel (train, plane, mobility). This results in 1.1 tonnes CO2 per employee. To achieve further, lasting reductions of these levels, Swiss Climate monitors its CO2 emissions each year and identifies corresponding reduction measures.

Measures for reducing emissions

Measures implemented by Swiss Climate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions include:

  • Heating our building with geothermal energy
  • Preferably using public transport for business trips
  • Mobility car for longer trips
  • Guidelines for business trips
  • Power-saving measures in the workplace (e.g. light, computer, standby consumption)
  • Optimised room temperature control
  • Refillable containers for food and snacks to avoid waste and save CO2 in the long term (

Carbon offsetting

Swiss Climate offsets the remaining inevitable greenhouse gas emissions with top quality Gold Standard CO2 certificates.