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  • Steam

  • Origin - Steam Technology

    Origin - Steam Technology

    Invention and using of the steam engine and power technology lead to the two industrial revolutions, which have great impetus to the course of human history. The existing widely used steam technology also results from that. Here, we would like to introduce steam technology history through the two industrial revolutions.

  • Evolution - Steam Technology

    Evolution - Steam Technology

    To a country’s development, energy means the lifeline and motive power. It does not only increase the competitive capacity of the product but also decrease production costs, inflation and environmental pollution to utilize energy effectively and reduce unnecessary waste.

  • Energy Saving

  • Synergy - Boiler Flue Gas Condensing Energy Saving Technology

    Synergy - Boiler Flue Gas Condensing Energy Saving Technology

    Generally speaking, efficiency of the fuel and gas boiler can be calculated or verified according to the burning lower heating value. Fuel High Calorific Value = Low Calorific Value + Latent Heat of Vaporization from Flue Gas. High heating value of fuel is used for calculating lower heating value and latent heat of vaporization of flue gas moisture, which carries over 10% heat energy at least.