Synterprise is a Global Engineering Services company focused on engineering and environmental emissions reduction. Synterprise developed and installs the EcoJet combustion improvement and emissions reduction system. Synterprise engineers provide boiler-tuning and combustion consulting to Waste to Energy power-generation plants. PlantCare® RDM (Reliability Data Management) software provides a streamlined way to integrate disparate time-series data streams in order to deliver actionable data for enterprise wide reliability analysis, production analysis, and management decisions on any major facet of the production or manufacturing process. PlantCare allows remote monitoring of plant operational data. As an IBM partner, Synterprise is a good source for Maximo software and implementation services. Likewise, Synterprise consultants provide handheld software solutions for operator rounds, inventory management and work order tracking.

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1110 Market Street , Chattanooga , TN 37402 USA

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Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Waste to Energy
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Synterprise Vision

“Because we are committed to providing exceptional client satisfaction at a competitive rate, Synterprise is valued as a leading provider of innovative solutions for operational excellence in the markets we serve.”

Synterprise Values

Trust and Respect is embedded in our culture. Synterprise is simply a group of associates, each trusting and respecting each other to do what’s right for the company and the client so we can all benefit. The Synterprise culture is about all of us working together to create work environments that provide for the well being of our associates and our clients. By using our exceptional collective talents effectively, each supporting the other, we create competitive advantage that leads to individual and collective success.

Exceptional client satisfaction is the only result we accept in delivering services to help our clients to succeed. We know that the future of the company and the stability of our associate’s lives are dependent on providing exceptional client satisfaction in order to continue to be valued for our services. Exceptional client satisfaction MUST be achieved so all planning and activity is focused to meet this result while still maintaining project scope and obtaining fair compensation.

Honesty and integrity is about honoring our individual promises to the other associates, our clients, alliances, and suppliers. It is about how we conduct our business with absolute honesty and how we are each responsible and accountable for our decisions and actions. And it is about integrity — this is why our clients and each of our associates trust each other to deliver on our commitments.

Synterprise Philosophy

“In all we think, say, and do – is it the truth; is it fair to all concerned; does it develop goodwill and better relationships; and is it beneficial to all concerned?”

Synterprise is a privately owned engineering and management consulting company with headquarters located in Chattanooga, Tennessee and with implementation partners in Tokyo, Japan and Mumbai, India. Since its inception in 1999, Synterprise has developed and expanded Strategic Performance Improvement products and services for domestic and international electric power utilities, oil and gas plants, pulp and paper mills, water and wastewater utilities, school systems, and other asset intensive industries.

For over a decade, Synterprise has demonstrated significant competencies that can only be achieved through deep expertise and global exposure to industry ‘best practices’ and broad experience in implementing strategic performance improvements.

Our company mission is to give strong value to our clients by providing products and services at the highest quality level and by developing strong client relationships. Our clients provide strong referrals for Synterprise based on our commitment to customer satisfaction.

[Example clients - We Energies, Imperial Oil Refineries, Verso Paper, Lafayette Utility Services, Reliant Energies, Tokyo Electric Power Company, Electric Power Development Company of Japan / Jpower), Genesis, Southern Company, Coffeyville Refineries, Eastern Municipal Water District, PSE&G, Space Coast Launch Services, Carnegie Mellon University, TVA, etc]