Wrap Seal Quick Repair Kit for Pipe Leaks. For On Board Ships, Offshore and Industry. Wrap Seal is a fiberglass tape coated with polyurethane resins which reacts with water to cure. Wrap Seal can be used for routine or emergency leak repair, hazardous material spill control, structural reinforcement, sealing joints, rebuilding thinning pipe walls, corrosion control, abrasion protection, underwater repairs and electrical conduit repairs. Repairs can be carried out within a few minutes without the use of tools or the need of technical skills. The product cures within 20 to 30 minutes, dependent on the ambient temperature. Wrap Seal bonds to any hard material such as metals like Steel, Galvanised steel, Stainless Steel, Black Steel, Copper, Aluminium and plastics like, PVC, CPVC, Fiberglass, Polyethylene, Polypropylene and can be used as a temporary but as well as a permanent solution.

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