TaKaDu provides water infrastructure monitoring software-as-a-service, allowing water utilities to significantly reduce water loss, non-revenue-water and energy expenses, and promote operational efficiency. TaKaDu uses data already existing within the water network such as online SCADA readings of flow, pressure and quality and alerts water authorities of leaks, bursts, consumption anomalies and faulty equipment and sensors, even in network blind spots. TaKaDu’s unmatched solution is based on patent-pending mathematical and statistical algorithms and requires no network changes or capital expenditure. TaKaDu is fully operational with utilities and partners in Europe, Australia, Latin America, Israel and the US.

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Software vendor
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Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)

TaKaDu was founded with the vision of addressing the challenges of water networks worldwide using advanced technology. With this vision, we have been helping utilities worldwide manage their operations more efficiently.

Water networks worldwide are ageing, and the global infrastructure investment gap grows wider. This results in water loss, inefficiencies and network faults.

Water utilities are losing money, energy and water due to network inefficiencies. Energy costs account for around 30-40% of utilities’ operational costs. Water loss, sometimes referred to as Non-Revenue Water (NRW), amounts to 25-30% of the world’s water production. Older networks typically suffer from higher losses and inefficiencies. But water loss is a symptom of a much broader challenge: utilities worldwide find it harder to maintain their network in the face of ageing pipes, increased regulatory and public pressure, extreme weather and stretched resources.

Many refer to the current of affairs as a ‘water crisis’, but in reality it is a water management crisis. By better managing the water distribution infrastructure, water loss and inefficiencies can be significantly reduced.

Increasing network efficiency and reducing losses also saves energy. The water sector is typically a country's largest energy consumer. Identifying problems earlier and acting promptly can yield double-digit reductions in energy consumption.

TaKaDu has developed a novel approach for understanding the ‘behavior’ of the water network and taking immediate action. TaKaDu’s network monitoring service takes data from existing sources and analyzes it in real-time. It automatically locates and classifies water network events as early as possible.

TaKaDu can use multiple sources of raw data: online sensor data (flow and pressure), network operations data, network structure (GIS) and external data (e.g. weather, holidays, scheduled fixes).

TaKaDu’s patented solution, the TaKaDu monitor, uses multiple anchors for data analytics: complex periodic patterns, cross-site and spatial correlation, graph structure, event behavior over time and space, pressure-flow relations and many other statistical anchors.

TaKaDu offers its water network monitoring service over the web. Water utilities worldwide receive on-line alerts about water network events and insightful information about the state of the network.

Water utilities worldwide – from Australia to Chile – are using TaKaDu for monitoring their network, increasing efficiency and reducing water losses.
TaKaDu is a 2011 Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum.

TaKaDu provides a software-as-a-service solution for monitoring water distribution networks. TaKaDu gives the utility real-time control over network events, using state-of-the-art statistical and mathematical algorithms. Water utilities using TaKaDu report reduced water loss, increased detection and repair crew efficiency, reduced energy expenditure and increased customer satisfaction. TaKaDu’s solution is easy to deploy, requiring no network changes, additional devices or capital expenditure. TaKaDu is in use by leading water utilities worldwide. TaKaDu is the winner of many industry awards, including the prestigious World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2011 Award.