Tanknology Inc.

Tanknology Inc.

Tanknology is the world`s largest provider of tank testing and environmental compliance services for petroleum systems. We have tested more than a million tanks and provide associated compliance services at more than 50,000 sites each year. Tanknology’s international operations span more than 27 countries around the globe, and we continue to seek new partners in many areas of the world. Licensing our technologies, considered the “standard” by major oil companies around the world, provides benefits that go far beyond a typical manufacturer-licensee relationship. As a technology company that has set global standards in Forecourt testing, we are committed to the same caliber of complete, continuous support to our partners.

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11000 N. MoPac #500 , Austin , TX 78759 USA
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Service provider
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Leak Detection
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Globally (various continents)
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Partner with the Global Leader in Storage Tank Compliance
Our customers range from the smallest individual site operators to the largest oil companies in the world. In total our crews provide them with testing and related compliance services at more than 50,000 sites each year.

What is about doing business with us that keeps our more than 3,000 customers coming back to us year after year, for over 25 years? It’s how we approach business - as a partnership with our customers.

We have a worldwide team of the industry’s most qualified experts. When it comes to fueling site compliance, no company in the world can match the breadth and depth of our expertise. When you partner with us, you have every one of those industry specialists on your team - working for you.

Our associates have at their disposal the broadest array of compliance - related services, with the most innovative line of proprietary technologies in the world. That is a mix of expertise and capability that no other company can match. When you partner with us, that’s the team you have on your side.

In the United States, we have regional offices that blanket the country, allowing us to provide local specialists in each area. So while we have a national organization, with extraordinary capability and expertise to draw upon, your one - on - one relationship with Tanknology is forged at the local level, in your own community. Our local managers and technicians get to know their customers on a first - name basis.

From an international perspective, our services are available around the world through independent licensees

Choosing Tanknology as a partner means having the hands-down technological leader working on your behalf.
We hold 22 patents on UST leak detection equipment and monitoring technologies.

We design and manufacture the equipment we use in our testing, and it is independently third-party certified to meet or exceed applicable regulatory standards.

Our technicians are the most experienced in the industry and undergo a rigorous training and certification program. Their testing protocols and procedures are rooted in the highest level of safety standards in the industry.

When the technician’s work is done and your site is safely in compliance, we retain permanent files with all or your test records and make them available to you 24/7 online via our TANCS system.

At Tanknology, we pride ourselves not on being the biggest in the industry, but on the individual attention and service we provide to you, our partner.

Our international operations span more than 25 countries around the globe. Our licensees provide service to customers outside of the United States and we continue to seek newpartners in many areas of the world.

Tanknology licensees benefit from our worldwide reputation for technical and service leadership, which provides them with credibility and, in most cases, immediate customer prospects.

We are the worldwide leader in storage tank testing and related services, having tested more than 1 million tanks around the world. We have strong contacts with most of the world's major oil companies, which we are able to leverage to assist our international licensees. In many cases, our strong relationships in the US or other countries can lead to rapid credibility and business opportunities for our licensees.

We provide our licensees with all the necessary equipment, training, certification and support to be successful in their local markets.

Our international partnerships extend far beyond a simple equipment sales transaction. It consists of a close commercial and technical alliance in which both companies contribute to the success of the venture. This results in reliable test results, satisfied customers, increased business, and a safer environment.

Here’s What We Provide to Our International Partners:

  • Market/Trademark Exclusivity – Licensees receive the exclusive rights for a technology and for the trademark in a territory. By using the most recognized technologies and names in the industry, licensees are able to secure a favored position in their markets.
  • Training – Licensees receive extensive training both in the US and in the given market.
  • Quality Control – Test data undergo quality control from our experts. This 'third-party' evaluation provides some additional peace of mind to the licensees' clients and thus provides a competitive advantage.
  • Marketing Support – Licensees take advantage of our reputation and credibility in the industry to secure a strong position in their market.
  • Latest Technologies – Licensees benefit from new technologies and know-how that are continuously being developed by Tanknology.
  • Information System Solutions – Licensees benefit from Tanknology's state-of-the-art information systems.

Here's What Our Licensees Bring to the Partnership:

  • Local Market Expertise – Licensees know the peculiarities of their markets.
  • Local Engineering Know-How – Licensees know the technical standards and practices employed in their market.
  • Local Technical Support – Licensees are able to quickly respond to their customers immediate needs and requests.
  • Local Technicians – Licensees provide qualified and motivated technicians.


Our Industry-Leading QualityFirst Program
We have done more than any company in the industry to ensure that our service personnel have the necessary qualifications, training, resources and oversight to ensure that each of your projects are completed accurately and on-time.

Initially implemented more than a decade ago, QualityFirst is our quality control and assurance program. It is an essential element of our Quality Management System (QMS).

Our QualityFirst program features many of the key elements of ISO 9001:2000, the recognized standard for quality management.

Our field service personnel meet rigorous national, state and local certification standards and receive ongoing training and certification in testing protocols, installation and service procedures and health and safety procedures.

Quality Managers perform on site inspections of all field staff, review test information and data files to verify the integrity of test results.

Our Quality Management System Includes:

  • A management structure designed to ensure maximum accountability for conformance to regulatory and technical requirements and our customers’ expectations.
  • Strict standards for employee performance and ethics.
  • An extensive focus on continual improvement in all aspects of our business.
  • Sophisticated, redundant analysis and review of test data.