Taylor Engineering UK Ltd

Taylor Engineering UK Ltd

Taylor Environmental Ltd is a green business. We are part of a specialist group of companies that offer unique waste services alongside some unique patented products to offer cost effective recycling solutions to waste management problems globally. Our team within this group of specialist companies is made up of researchers, engineers and experienced business owners who have a vision for a greener future. Our unique technology is patent-protected and it works at state-of-the-art efficiency, which amazingly compliments the immense waste industry expertise we also have within. Of our many awards, our Insulwatt division has been awarded the prestigious Queens Award for Environmental Achievement and our partners recognise our advanced experience in this field. Our partners also collaborate with us in our shared commitment to environmentalism and a green industry that can uphold its responsibilities to its shareholders and the citizens of this planet simultaneously.

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Unit 7/8 Curran Buildings, Curran Road , Cardiff , Wales CF10 5NE United Kingdom

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Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

Welcome to Taylor Environmental UK - Virobuster Air Purification Systems

Taylor Environmental is the distributor of the Virobuster Commercial Air Purification System, a system which offers ground breaking air hygiene technology to organisations across a broad spectrum of sectors including hospitals and medial research facilities, food & beverage production and manufacturing units, leisure & tourism establishments, and anywhere there is an increased risk from the spread of germs and airbourne contamination.

In recent times, and on a global scale, we have seen a worrying increase in the prevelence of airbourne infection, not least within our hospitals and care establishments. Sub-standard hygiene control is often to blame for this apparent rise but as the germs which carry these infections mutate they become increasingly more resistant to standard cleansing processes, and in many cases treatments such as antibiotics fail to counter the threat.

Virobuster - UPVE Air Purification Soultions for Greatly Enhanced Hygiene

Traditional Air Purification systems use a series of pysical filters or fine meshes to capture airbourne contamination. These filters require regular replacement to maintain efficiency but even then smaller pathogens (bacteria and viruses) can still pass through. Virobuster's innovative Air Purification System works by bombarding these pathogens with UV radiation (UPVE - Ultra Violet Pathogen Elimination)which alters the microorganism's genetic structure, effectively halting reproduction and spread and eliminating the pathogenic potential of the bacteria more...
Carpet Cleaning Cardiff

Our extended capabilities include professional Carpet Cleaning for domestic and commercial customers in Cardiff.