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Team Industries, Inc. is North America’s leader for on-time delivery of high quality pipe fabrication and fabricated vessels. In order to better serve our customers in the quality critical petro-chemical, power, and other industries, Team has established fabrication locations in Wisconsin and Texas. Each Team location has been equipped with the latest fabrication equipment and technology applicable to the industry. Team facilities include over 200,000 square feet of indoor fabrication space. Team employs the best craftsmen available in the industry and carefully monitors the quality level of the work produced. Team’s engineering and detailing efforts utilize the latest in 3D technology that automatically feeds our comprehensive material control system. Our fabrication tracking software permits the customer to remotely monitor the progress of each shipping piece on a daily basis.

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1200 Maloney Road P.O. Box 350 , Kaukauna , Wisconsin 54130 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Pipes and Piping
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Internationally (various countries)
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Designed in accordance with “Lean Manufacturing” concepts, Team’s pipe welding positioners are now available to all users interested in economical, high quality pipe welding. Team’s welding positioners were designed to satisfy the need for the highest quality and peak efficiency in pipe welding.

Our positioner designs were developed from the input of Team’s highly skilled pipe welders, maintenance personnel, and engineers and are used exclusively at all Team shops. Once your welders use a Team positioner, we are confident they will prefer our positioner over any other on the market. For welder convenience, ergonomics and efficiency, Team positioners outperform any positioner offered by our competitors.

Team positioners can be acquired as new, used, rental or leased equipment.

Quality Control is systematically applied by a team of highly qualified inspection personnel to ensure that 100% of the products shipped from Team conform to all of the requirements of our customers. Our systematic Quality Control ensures that our customers reap the benefit of the “lowest installed cost” for the project.

From on-time delivery of high quality fabrication to digital QA records, we have maintained our position as the industry leader in serving the needs of our customers.

Team will fabricate your project to your specifications, and deliver it on time and within budget.

The management of Team Industries is committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees. Our comprehensive safety program is continually evaluated and updated in a structured proactive effort to ensure the safest work environment possible.


Our comprehensive safety indoctrination/orientation program, is supplemented by on the job safety training and mentoring to ensure that our newest employees know and understand safe work practices and Team’s commitment to employee safety. After 90 days of employment, we provide additional safety training in an instructor led format.
Safety training is a continuous process for all employees. In addition to a monthly safety newsletter, monthly training sessions are held with all shop employees, to provide employees with current information about OSHA requirements and TEAM safety policies. This format provides the opportunity for employees to ask questions and delve further into safety issues.

Safety Committee

TEAM’s safety committee is comprised of management, shop employees, worker compensation providers and other interested parties. The safety committee meets monthly to review all safety incidents (including near misses) with the specific goal of reducing risks for our employees through modification of procedures or employee education. Monthly inspections of selected areas within the organization ensure equipment and systems are being properly maintained and used. The safety committee members on the shop floor have become a resource for questions and suggestions for all shop employees. Formal inspections by an outside agency are conducted twice annually to ensure a safe work environment.

Safety Incentive program

Team’s Safety Incentive Program provides economic rewards to employees for working safely and for reporting any situation they feel is not safe, including “near misses”.

Drug Free workplace

In order to maintain a safe work environment, TEAM believes that all our locations and all employees should be drug free. To that end TEAM, in conjunction with our union, works with subcontracted and approved agencies to conduct pre-employment drug testing, random testing, “reasonable suspicion” testing, and post incident testing.