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Technolit GmbH

The TECHNOLIT GmbH Company, which was founded in 1979 by Wilhelm Lang is an internationally active company that currently employs over 1.700 members of both office staff and field staff. The Headquarters of our company is located in Grossenlüder, close to the Baroque City of Fulda in Germany. As a certified welding specialist and full-range retailer in the field of welding technology, we are able to offer our customers high-grade products such as welding appliances, filler metals and welding accessories as well as also offering competent and professional services. Alongside our core business in the field of welding technology, we also have a large range of high-quality products in the fields of grinding and separation technology, chemical-technical products, tools and machines as well as equipment for trade and vehicle workshops.

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Industriestraße 8 , Großenlüder , D-36137 Germany
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Manufacturing, Other
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Internationally (various countries)

Over 550.000 industrial and trade customers rely upon the quality of our products and are more than satisfied with the competency and professionalism of our dependable services, which we offer on-site thanks to our members of staff.

By always remaining faithful to our company statement: “The customer is to always be the focus of our activities and strategies”, we will always be able to meet the needs of our customers in the future.

July 18, 1979
Wilhelm Lang establishes the company TECHNOLIT® GmbH in his own garage and an office at his home. The first employees are Roland Schreiner (in-house sales, order management, and organization) and Leo Schreiner (warehouse and shipping).

TECHNOLIT ® GmbH is evolving and is very successful on the market. Sales as well as the product range are growing and expanding rapidly. For this reason the existing premises soon became too small. Consequently the company erects its first building in the industrial park of Großenlüder.

The first subsidiary is established in Austria.

In the Netherlands, the first marketing organization is developed.

An independent subsidiary is founded in Italy.

The year 1990 is once again a very fruitful and prosperous time for TECHNOLIT® GmbH. Expansion occurs in many areas. Among others, an additional marketing organization is established in Switzerland.

This year can be considered the 'year of new products' - the product range is expanded by 200 additional items - as many as never before. Success can be chalked up on the customer side as well. In Strasbourg, a French subsidiary is founded.

The motto for 1992 is 'in-house expansion.' The field sales force was continuously expanded over time. Now it is time for in-house sales to do the same. After various restructuring measures, a total of 40 employees are hired in 1992 to work in the in-house sales department.

In spite of the nationwide recession, TECHNOLIT ® GmbH continues to grow and expand. Start of the construction of a new administration building with office space for more than 200 employees. Furthermore, the general suitability certification according to the German Welding Association (DSV) is obtained and the company is now a 'registered technical welding manufacturer acc. to DIN 18800.'

The company celebrates its 15-year anniversary as well as the dedication of the new administration building. The company now boasts premises of 300,000 m² due to its rapid growth.

In 1996 TECHNOLIT® GmbH is successfully tested and certified by the German Quality Management System Certification Association in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.

The 'green dot' - affecting almost all products from the chemical-technical area - is introduced. Further progress is made in the area of new media. The first Internet website in the company's corporate colours is realized and additional marketing organizations are created in Belgium and Luxembourg.

This is the 'year of investments.' In addition to a new warehouse facility with a modern picking system, the company plans to purchase a new belt conveyor system. This makes it possible to offer delivery in 24 to 48 hours. An additional marketing organization is established in Denmark.

Bucking the national trend concerning personnel reduction and cost-savings, TECHNOLIT® GmbH continues its expansion activities and with a staff of 1020 reaches its highest employee level since the company was founded.

The company successfully passes an environmental management audit acc. to DIN EN ISO 14001:1996. Additional marketing organizations are created in Sweden and the Czech Republic.

The year 2004 is marked by the 25th anniversary of the company. Approximately 1,400 guests attend the ceremony on September 11. IT is embarking on a new path. On the way to the paperless office, a new system with electronic image archiving is purchased and installed.

Creating a marketing organization in Poland and Hungary.

An additional office building is erected on the premises of the head office in Großenlüder.

Two large projects are finished on the premises of TECHNOLIT GmbH. One consists of building additional offices. The other establishes additional capacities by expanding the conveyor and warehouse technology.

The year 2009 is marked by the 30th anniversary of TECHNOLIT GmbH. This anniversary is celebrated with an 'open house' on the premises of TECHNOLIT GmbH.
The 'Mobile Welding Technology' project started in 1999 as a test project is now well-established. For over 10 years, the mobile welding technicians of TECHNOLIT GmbH have been assisting customers. In especially difficult and technically complex cases requiring additional explanations (mostly concerning technical welding aspects and applications), technicians are dispatched directly to the customer location where they use welding demonstrations and practical application to competently assist and support customers to find solutions to their problems.

On October 27, 2009, the 'Hessen Champions 2009' were honoured with awards during a festive ceremony in the Wiesbaden Kurhaus. The TECHNOLIT Group was awarded a very respectable second place in the 'Job Engine' category. The competition is divided into three categories and distinguishes Hessen companies for outstanding performance. The awards were presented by the prime minister of the state of Hessen, Roland Koch, VhU president Prof. Dieter Weidemann, and State Secretary for Economic Affairs Steffen Saebisch.

The TECHNOLIT Group wins the 'Grand Prize for Small and Medium Sized Companies 2010' for Hessen on September 18, 2010, sponsored by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation. The most successful companies in the states of Hessen, Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Thüringen are presented with awards during a gala ceremony at the Würzburg Maritim Hotel with more than 600 guests attending. This is the 16th nationwide competition for the 'Grand Prize for Small and Medium Sized Companies.' A total of twelve companies from the four German states are nominated as 'winners' and 21 companies are honoured as 'finalists.' All prevailed against the stiff competition of more than 3500 nominated companies from all German states.

In July, TECHNOLIT GmbH was awarded as the 'Growth Champion 2011/12'. The prize is conferred to companies that show more growth than their competitors and who are willing to reveal the factors of their success. This way, they can serve as encouraging examples for the other companies. This award honoured TECHNOLIT GmbH for its surpassing and continuous ability to grow. The “Growth Champion“ prize is conferred by the Kalkbrenner-Unternehmensberatung in order to encourage enterprises approach the issue of “above-average growth” strategically and to show ways in which it can be achieved.

Planned for a long time and finally under construction: An additional warehouse increases logistics capacity. The new hall provides about 2,500 additional pallet spaces in an approximately 1,200 square metre high rack facility. The number of employees grows to about 1,550 staff in office operation and field service.

Office space extension: A wing of the new warehouse area is devoted to central accounting offices. Approximately 1,000 square metres on three floors also provide more space for order processing and dialogue marketing. The large centre for telephone customer service creates more jobs and training positions.

New investments in logistics. In the warehouse, a voice controlled, computer-aided order picking system helps increase the speed of stock turnover. Technolit® focuses its distribution policy entirely on carbon neutral shipping. In the meanwhile, more than 1,650 employees work for Technolit®.