Technology Experts Co.

Technology Experts Co.

Technology Experts Company (TEC) of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is a private sector owned Scientific and Service Company. We work with many specialized scientific institutions for transfer and settlement of technology and providing scientific solutions in its fields of specialization for different sectors with competitive prices. TEC through its distinguished experts and the most modern software’s, laboratories and equipments provides studies, technical consultations and designs in different fields including; Water,Environment, Industry and Handling of Radioactive Materials. Among the different services that TEC offers its clientele are training courses in the field of Radiation Protection. For this purpose TEC maintains an official authorization from the National Regulatory Authorities (King Abdul-Aziz City for Science & Technology (KACST) and the General Corporation for Technical Education and Vocational Training to conduct these courses. Additionally TEC offers Maintenance and Data Manage.

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P. O. Box 361301 , Riyadh , 11313 Saudi Arabia
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Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater Consulting and Engineering
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:

Our Vision
With utmost strength and honesty we put the technology in your hands.

Our Mission
We endeavor for settlement of technology to serve the clients through utmost distinctive performance and transparent handling full of honesty to build up a long-term strategic relationship leading to edifices of success and excellence.

Our Values

The Building Process
In October, 2001 Technology Experts started as a small Establishment with a number of employees not exceeding two (2). The clearness of aims and mission enabled its Administration to exert more effort and time, which eventually led to a fast expansion and development of the company in more specialized activities. Where new divisions and departments have been established to meet the size of development in the company, the Radiation Protection Department was founded, followed by other departments which include Safe Transport of Radioactive Material, Radiation Analysis, Radiation Instrument Supply, and a Training Center. The development and expansion of the Company continued to its present size with many specialized divisions and departments as seen in figure (1).

For Technology Experts to achieve its mission and aims in a perfect way it has established a solid research infrastructure and work environment of advanced preparations which includes many specialized laboratories, well logging and geophysical surveying instruments, and radiation devices. In addition to this the company applied many advanced technologies in its work and opened new branches in the Eastern Province and in Cairo, Egypt. That tiny establishment has now transformed into a renowned full-scale company comprising many distinguished specialists and experts.

Fields of Expertise:
Settlement of Technology is considered to be one of the most important strategic issues of high value in a state having a hard desert environment and suffering from scarcity of water like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For this reason Technology Experts exerted more effort through its motto and mission to settle the Technology in a way that satisfies the Kingdoms needs, especially those concerned with water and environment in different aspects and activities of trading, contracting, studies and scientific services.

The Trading, Sales and Marketing Department is responsible for instruments and equipment supplied to different Governmental and private sector institutions. Such activities were accompanied by introducing new advance technologies to the Saudi market with keen trials to settle and operate these technologies in the society and offering training and maintenance in cooperation with other divisions and departments in the company. Besides this, other departments in the company took the responsibility of activities in the field of contracting where many projects have been executed; important of these are the projects for operation and maintenance of water treatment plants where the company showed a proven successful record in execution and promotion of the works in this field. On the other hand studies and consultations in the fields of water, environment, and radiation represent one of the main activities. The effort in these fields was clearly noticed due to the presence of a solid infrastructure of labs and other necessary scientific preparations in the company. In this regard the company executed a number of studies and research projects for different Governmental and private sector Institutions like Ministry of Defense and Aviation, Ministry of Water and Electricity, Saudi Aramco, and many other bodies, where such studies have contributed greatly in providing solutions to many complicated problems which have been recorded as outstanding discoveries. The scientific services such as Lab analysis, Radiation surveying, Training Courses, Well Logging and other vital and specialized services represent an important tributary of the work in Technology Experts, where these services are in a continuous process of expansion, development, and perfection.

Saudization represents one of the main policies in the company, where it exerts more efforts to achieve it. The percentage of Saudis working in the company reaches 32 % and covering all departments and fields of specialization. In this regard TEC conducts many specialized training courses locally and overseas to promote and qualify the Saudi employees. For this purpose the company signed an agreement with Human Resources Development Fund to encourage and promote the National qualified persons both quantitatively and qualitatively and give more possible chances to accommodate and employ the ambitious Saudi personnel.

Scientific Research Infrastructure:
Technology Experts possesses a very solid and distinguished infrastructure of its kind in the private sector. This special infrastructure is comprised many sophisticated preparations like Radiation Labs, Chemical Analysis Labs, Biological Labs, Radiation Surveying instruments & devices, Surface Geophysical Instruments, many Well Logging Units, Inflatable Packers, and Geographical Information System (GIS) unit. In addition to this preparations also include many specialized computer software’s in the field of Water and Environment. Also TEC infrastructure includes many other preparations which form a solid logistic support to execute the field works in a better way. Some of these are many four wheel drive vehicles and many field measurement systems.

Quality and Assurance:
Since its establishment, Technology Experts committed and exerted more effort to satisfy the requirements of Quality and Assurance in services and works it offers. In this concern the company allocates large portion of its expenses, efforts and time to promote the quality and assurance of services and works offered quantitatively and qualitatively. This has given the company a good reputation between different clients. TEC also continue to apply the ISO 9001 systems through different agreements for its work and specially the ISO system for TEC Labs which is in progress and is expected to be obtained and
completed in the coming months.

Company Financial Status:
Diversification of income sources and a commitment to offer specialized competitive services of high value and revenue have helped greatly to strengthen the financial status of the company. This gave rise to have cash flows available for any project despite the financial expenditure of a project, without a need to get loans from Banks or taking advantage of the available governmental financial help. Further more Technology Experts have strong relationships with different Banks which provide the required Bank Guarantees during offer submission and project execution. All the financial issues in the company are taken care of by special departments set for this purpose. The company also has a special financial consultant who is responsible for directing different investments, analyzing the financial status, and offering advice to the company Board of Directors.

International Cooperation:
Technology Experts has a comprehensive cooperative relationship with research centers, overseas universities, and distinguished experts within the Arab world and western countries, where all this can be well managed to execute many advance level studies. To cover all the required specializations for this purpose, TEC cooperates with many consultancy offices locally and overseas and invites many distinguished experts and specialists worldwide to enhance the quality of work and services offered.

Some of the International Institutions TEC cooperate with in the fields of Radiation, Earth Sciences and Geophysics in addition to execution and assessment of Water Projects are as follows:

  • Ground Water Services Inc., Houston TX (USA) which has a vast experience in groundwater projects.
  • Environmental Sciences Center (Martin Luther University –Germany) through the Head of the Centre Prof. Peter Weisks who is an expert in Hydrogeology and Environmental Sciences.
  • Vodni Zdroje, a.s Company, Czech Republic which is specialized in the fields of Hydrogeology, Water Management, Environmental Problems, Assessment, and Protection, Water Treatment, and Water Supply
  • Canberra Industries Inc., (USA) which is specialized in production and manufacturing of Radiation Measurements Instruments
  • Robertson Geologging Company (UK), which is specialized in production and operation of Geophysical Well Logging Units