TechWaste Recycling, LLC

TechWaste Recycling, LLC

TechWasteRecycling Inc. specializes in the collection, sorting, dismantling and recycling of all electronics and electronic components. It is the goal of TechWaste Recycling Inc. to provide excellent customer service and uphold the highest ethical and environmental stewardship standards. Our commitments are to forge long term efficacious business relationships with our customers and provide unparalleled and innovative eWaste Management solutions.

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1940 E. Occidental Street , Santa Ana , CA 92705 USA

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Service provider
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Waste and Recycling - Material Recycling
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Nationally (across the country)


TechWaste Recycling Inc. is formed on the premise that it is the duty of an electronics recycler to operate ethically, professionally and responsibly. TechWaste Recycling Inc. retains all operations locally and does not resort to the use of landfills. TechWaste Recycling Inc. adheres strictly to local, federal, and international environmental agencies such as Cal recycle and all other pertinent environmental standards to ensure all of our recycling conforms to the highest ethical scrutiny. It is our belief that such practices are the only way to acceptably conduct business and the most conscientious way to ensure the longevity of our planet and our existence upon it.

TechWaste Recycling is a collector and recycler originating in Northern California. TechWaste Recycling looks to engage in the business of Environmental Solutions for Electronic Assets by initiating all related logistical implementation and ensuring that all material collected is properly assessed and correctly placed into its next “cycle of life”; whether that be re-use re-sale or recycling to its basic commodities. All processing is local and all final processing is conducted within North America.

TechWaste Recycling’s business model is defined by the terms “reduce, re-use and recycle”.
“Reduce”, refers to far more than the reduction of waste; it is an ethic and a philosophy. Our goals run contrary to dumping in landfills and living excessively-we look to curtail waste and limit our carbon footprint. It is the standard by which all our business decisions must overcome.

“Re-Use”, is akin to a marching order; before resorting to dismantling, if the item can be re-used in ANY capacity possible, it will be given that effect and entrusted to an end user for the length of its remaining life span. Only after the expiration of its usefulness will the item return to be finally demanufactured. The idea is to exhaust every possible outlet before resorting to dismantling and component parts to provide our customers with the highest ROI (return on investment) possible.

“Recycle”, is only as a last resort, where an item is broken down to its respective commodities and the process then begins all over again with these bare materials.

It is this ethos that we cultivate and that pervades every stage of our business operation and it is this mentality that we pass on to our customers as we build long term bonds in business.