Tecnologías ECONTROL SL

Tecnologías ECONTROL SL

ECONTROL is the result of passion for valve engineering and entrepreneurism brought together. What today is the ECONTROL Group with its global operations started as a small valve workshop by Mr. Angel Campos, a passionate mechanical engineer that pioneered the control and automatic valve fields. ECONTROL has pioneered valve and instrumentation engineering in Europe. Our team at the V.E.U. has developed designs and individualized solutions for the most demanding customers worldwide. Our company has an impressive 30-year legacy of partnership with its customers in successfully applying technology-based solutions and solving their toughest problems. We are proud of our reputation as a solutions provider and innovator. We have vigorously broaden our engineering and design staff and undertaken several cooperation agreements with our main customers to develop individualized solutions to cover their complete process control needs like hand to glove. Our people are our greatest asset.

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Pol. Industrial Constantí calle Grecia, edificio B4 , Constantí , Tarragona 43120 Spain

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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)

ECONTROL has delivered nearly 3.000 worldwide projects in locations that include the whole E.U. and Norway (including North Sea, Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea offshore operations), the Russian Federation, the U.S., China, Indonesia, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Australia, Algeria, Africa, Asia, the Caspian Belt region and the entire Middle East. We deliver a wide range of products and services supporting the energy, hydrocarbon, water treatment and RO, minerals, civil infrastructure, power and industrial markets.

Through its initial operations back in the 1970s, Mr. Campos and his team developed a number of designs and valve solutions for the energy and chemical sectors that later on consolidated a global project: ECONTROL.

The Valve Engineering Unit (V.E.U.)

The award-winning ECONTROL SMARTEC® software integrates valve design, sizing and a cutting-edge dynamic flow simulator to precisely engineer the solution customer needs. The V.E.U. is interconnected to the production tools at ECONTROL for a completely digitalized optimum production process.