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Tecotec Group

TECOTEC proudly presents the company foundation and development in the field of Metrology Technology, Electronic Test and Calibration, Automation and Environment Technology. Below are the milestones in the long and proud history of TECOTEC. The Measuring Devices Department was launched after the huge success of the project with Vietnamese Navy. Later, it was renamed the Test Measurement and Calibration Department. This was a turning point in TECOTEC’s development strategy. TECOTEC in competiton for international projects, many out-bidding global companies from France, Italy and Germany. TECOTEC officially became a full-financially and technically capable bidder to carry out large scale international projects.

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2nd Floor, CT3A Building, Me Tri Thuong , Urban, Nam Tu Liem District, , Vietnam

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Welcome you to the overview of  the formation and development of the company in the fields of Mechology, Technology, Electronic Test and Calibration and Automation and Environmental Technology. Following are the milestones in TECOTEC’s long and proud history.

1996: Establishment of TECOTEC 

Founded in September 1996 in Vietnam, TECOTEC was focused entirely on the IT sector - a new business facing a lot of competition. The company focused on developing for personal computer products and Digital servers (US).

1997: The Opening of Software Center  

The Software group was founded with the desire to develope self-learning information products with a disc thrower icon. After the free trial of Version 2.0, the first 5000 TDN editions of Version 2.1 were released with 2,000 licensed products sold. 

1998: Establishment of Test & Measurement Department (T & M) 

The Measuring Devices Department was launched after the huge success of the project with Vietnamese Navy. Later, it was renamed the Test Measurement and Calibration Department. This was a turning point in TECOTEC’s development strategy. 

1999: The First Dynamic Jack System in Vietnam 

During this year, TECOTEC technicians installed and ran the first Dynamic Jack system at the Institute of Building Science and Technology (IBST). After this project, Shimadzu Corporation (Japan)—a world leading Japanese manufacturer in testing mechanical equipment— appointed TECOTEC to become its exclusive distributor in Vietnam. This marked an outstanding development of TECOTEC in its ability to provide high-tech solutions and from this the Physical Mechanics Department was established  

2000: A New Trademark Established 

The TECOTEC Joint Stock company was established, evolving from a limited liability company. After that, TECOTEC signed with Shimadzu Corporation (Japan) to develop analytical equipment products in Vietnam (Scientific Products). The PMT Technology immediately proved to be the pre-eminent technology and the Optical Emission Spectroscopy OES-5500 and PDA-7000 had been consistantly leading in sales. Also in this year, the Environment Test & Analysis Department was established. 

2001: Consecutive Success 

The three biggest automobile producing  ventures in Vietnam, TOYOTA Group, HONDA and YAMAHA officially designated TECOTEC to became the primary supplier for testing equipment in their quality control departments. This was a triumph  for TECOTEC and marked a major leap forward in its development. After this event, nearly 40 other Japanese joint venture companies in Vietnam who had been sub-suppliers for three above companies - immediately became frequent customers of TECOTEC for quality inspection products. The Japanese working ethic has deeply contributed to TECOTEC’s capability to provide excellent after-sales service in Vietnam. This year also marked the company’s record for the largest tender ever won by TECOTEC, which was awarded to the Physical Mechanics Department.

2002: Establishment of a Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City 

The TECOTEC representative office in Ho Chi Minh City was located in 45 Hoang Sa Street in District 1. With the initial modest staff numbers, only 04 engineers to develope private mark, especially with Japanese joint venture companies in southern Vietnam. This TECOTEC representative office organized many successful conferences and exhibitions at Ho Chi Minh City. Recently, this  office was moved to a modern building with large showrooms to serve the measuring equipment retail market. The new office is at 18A Cong Hoa Street, Ward 12, Tan Binh District.

2003: Contributing to National Standards 

TECOTEC was constantly chosen to become a supplier of inspection products for the Vietnamese Registry Department in the automobile, motorcycle and shipbuilding segments. A set of technical inspection standards for the transportation industry was based on the test equipment results supplied by TECOTEC. The market uses more and more equipment and TECOTEC is the exclusive distributor for automobile – motorcycle of Iyasaka (Japan), exhaust measurement by E-Instruments (USA), noise and vibration measurement for Rion (Japan), and testing automobile seatbelts, headrests and airbag for Microsys Technologies (Canada). 

2004: Infiltration of the Central Vietnam Market 

Da Nang University appointed TECOTEC  as sole supplier in four universities in the Central Vietnam market: Da Nang Polytechnic, Da Nang Economics, Da Nang Education and Da Nang College of Technology. In the same year, TECOTEC started getting orders from Quality Assurance and Testing Center 3 in Da Nang and Da Nang Customs. 

2005: Participating in International Bidding: 

Confident in its strength, TECOTEC joined in the international projects of large lending organizations  such as ADB, WB, AFD  and consistently achieved continuing success. The TECOTEC brand had been identified in the vocational training market as the most prestigious supplier in vocational training equipment. TECOTEC consecutively won three contracts with ADB to provide equipment for 15 vocational school of the General Department of Vocational Training. With our professionalism, TECOTEC is proud of being the  contractors who can get the quickest disbursed funds from the Asian Development Bank. Also in 2005, the Mechanics and Automation Department was established. Later it was merged with the Physical Mechanics Department to become Electro Mechanics and Control

2006: Penetration into the Environment Market and Widening Test and Calibration Products 

As the RoHS /ELV/WEEE environment protection standards become effective globally, TECOTEC achieved a huge leap in sales of  analysis equipment. Nearly 30 spectrometers (EDX) of Shimadzu-Japan were sold out in just one year and it continues to be strong.. 
In the same year, TECOTEC became an exclusive distributor of Tegam (USA), the multifunction  calibration systems of Time Electronics (UK), Krohn-Hite (USA) in Vietnam and 2D and 3D CMM of Chien Wei (Taiwan). 

2007: A New Record in Contract Value 

A contract worth 4.2 million EUR with the General Department of Vocational Training and with  French investment marks a huge success for TECOTEC in competiton for international projects, many out-bidding global companies from France, Italy and Germany. TECOTEC officially became a full-financially and technically capable bidder to carry out large scale international projects.

TECOTEC had been appointed to organize many new technology courses with the aim of improving teachers and officers from the General Department of Vocational Training (Ministry of Labor Invalids and Social Affairs) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in Europe. Nearly 100 trainees have completed the training and received certificates. 

2007: Effective Investment 

The CIT Building in the High Tech Complex at Pham Hung Boulevard, was a cooperative co-investment between TECOTEC and its partners, with total floor space of more than 6,700 m2

2008: Establishment of a TECOTEC Representative Office in Danang 

The TECOTEC Representative Office in Danang is at 09 Nguyen Van To Street, Danang City. From now, customers in the Central Vietnam can receive TECOTEC’s fastest and most qualified sale and service. 

2008: Integration of Exposure Measurement in Telecommunications 

TECOTEC cooperated with Rohde-Schwarz (Germany) to integrate a complete solution to measure the effect of radiation from BTS stations on human health. Many large contracts using this solution were signed with the Vietnam teleco giants, Vinaphone, MobiFone and Viettel,

2009: A Breakout in Environment Test and Measurement Sales 

The sales volume of environment test and measurement stations has risen significantly. TECOTEC set the standards for sound, vibration and hazardous gases for environment control. More than 100 sound and vibration products from  Rion (Japan), nearly 80 industrial gas analyzer measurement systems by E- Instrument (USA) and more than 20 dust monitor systems from Kanomax (Japan) were purchased by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Health and especially the Ministry of Public Security. 

2009: Cooperation with Global Giants 

After many years of cooperation, TECOTEC was officially chosen by Agilent Technologies (Now is becoming Keysight Technologies) as its official distributor and selected by Thales Group (France) to be a strategic partner. In 2009, the Radio Frequency and System Integration Department–RSI was established. 

2010: The Year of Change

Time passed quickly and TECOTEC has now become a company with sustainable growth, that is marked with flexibility and a dynamic environment. TECOTEC jubilantly celebrated its 10th birthday with many significant activities: Continuing to obtain an ISO certificate, establishing internal equitization and forming the development plan to become TECOTEC Group in the third 5-year plan. TECOTEC had standardized its brand recognition program with a new LOGO, a new SLOGAN and a brand new improved website. 

In 2010, the Air Traffic Management Radar project, worth more than 4 million EUR, was finalized with cooperation between TECOTEC–RSI Department and Thales Group (France). TECOTEC Consultant, a member company, was established following this event. 

2011: Sustained Infrastructure, Development of a New Investment Plan and Diversification of Business Direction 

TECOTEC inaugurated the new 620 m2 grand premier international standard office at Me Tri Thuong Complex. In 2011, TECOTEC also launched a cultural and sport center–TecoSports with total area about 2.1 hectares at An Duong–Tay Ho–Ha Noi. This is a strong example of private investment in serving community of Tay Ho District. TECOTEC has received a Certificate of Merit from the People –committee of Tay Ho District in 2011.

2011 also marked the foundation of three member companies:TECOTEC Calibration, TECOTEC Technologies and TECOTEC Investment  (infrastructure investment). With this development, TECOTEC took steps closer to become TECOTEC Group.

2012: Receive Quality Management ISO – The rise to the Top

TECOTEC was happy to receive the ISO Certification for Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2008 from TUVRheinland (Germany) after a five year effort to complete the work processes.

In the same year, TECOTEC was also acknowledged as the most reputable contractor for supplying solutions and equipment for measurement/calibration/automation to the Vietnamese Ministry of Defense. We were honored to participate in many significant projects for the modernization of the Vietnamese Navy, Air Force, General Department of Technologies, General Department of Military Industry, Directorate of Standards – Metrology – Quality, Marine Police, Directorate of Electronic Warfare, Defense Mapping Agency of Vietnam.

We are proud of building successfully the connection between the brand and the measurement in customers’s mind


2012: The Completion of a New Office Infrastructure and Foundation of TECOTEC Industry & Commerce JSC.

With a floor space of more than 1,000 sq. meters, an A-level international standard working area was expanded so that TECOTEC provided 1,700 sq. meters of workspace for employees to ensure maximum work efficiency.

TECOTEC Industry & Commerce JSC was established with the mission to provide equipment to modernize the banking industry and expand the retail market for measurement tools and equipment in Vietnam. Two famous world brands–Olivetti (Italy) and Glory (Japan) selected us as their exclusive distributor in Vietnam.

2013: Success in the Laos Market.

TECOTEC Laos established at Caison Rd., Sivilay Village, Xaythany District, Vientiane, Laos PDR.

During the first six months of 2013, TECOTEC had achieved seven international competitive bidding contracts from the World Bank and other ODA sources in the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture–Forestry and the Ministry of Education with total contract value exceeding 5 million USD.

In the second half of 2013, TECOTEC completed the installation and construction of the Frequency Monitoring  Station of Laos Telecommunication worth nearly 2 million USD for the Vietnamese ODA to the Laos government in Vientiane. This event affirmed our position in this market in the record setting time of one year.

2014: Received the Representative Trade Service Enterprise 2013 Award

TECOTEC was honored to be voted by the organizing committee of the 'Vietnam Top Trade Services Awards 2013' as a leading trade and service corporation for 2013. This award was organnized for the 6th time by the Ministry of Trade and Industry – MOIT.

Being voted among the top 90 trade and service provider corporations of 2013, TECOTEC had affirmed its business effectiveness, service and product quality and also its prestigious image in the market over the past years.