Terix Envirogaz Inc.

Terix Envirogaz Inc.

Terix-Envirogaz provides the engineering services as well as the equipment required for anaerobic digestion of organic material and methane refining. TERIX-Envirogaz’s rugged industrial approach produces methane from various sources such as slaughterhouses and industrial and municipal waste. TERIX-Envirogaz processes methane coming in from landfills and methanization plants, and transforms it into fuel appropriate for transport and injection in gas distribution lines.

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Door 50, Suite 110 , QC , Québec G1P 4P3 Canada
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Know-how and equipment – Biomethanization and methane refining

In North America, Terix-Envirogaz is a leading provider of know-how and integrated equipment related to organic waste biomethanization and methane refining.

Our mission is to help North American companies get rid of greenhouse gas emissions generated by landfills, and generate renewable energy aimed at transport applications.

Terix-Envirogaz provides the services and integrates the equipment required to answer the new challenges facing the management of municipal, commercial, and industrial organic material. Our expertise is in the transformation of organic material by anaerobic digestion and in refining of methane to generate fuel used in transport applications such as compressed biomethane (CBM) and liquified biomethane (LBM).

Our design is rugged, flexible and highly effective.

Terix-Envirogaz’s unique solution:

  • Cutting edge expertise
  • Modular approach that simplifies installation
  • Integrated solutions that reduce power consumption
  • Unique training and 24/7 customer service