Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc.

Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc.

Terragon develops and commercializes innovative technologies and practices needed to enable habitats to treat their waste locally and safely in order to recover valuable resources to be reused at the site where waste is generated. Terragon researches and engineers highly innovative waste treatment systems which anyone can operate safely, economically and without special training. Terragon also offers its knowhow and expertise in the thermal treatment of waste to companies around the world.

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651, Rue Bridge , Montréal , Québec H3K 2C8 Canada
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Waste Management
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Most people manage the waste they generate by exporting it to others. Whether by garbage truck or sewer, their only responsibility is to transfer it away from the habitat. Most current waste treatment technologies support this approach.

For many communities and habitats, the conventional approach to waste management is not practical. Examples include ships, isolated communities, resorts, hospitals, and numerous other habitats that, for various reasons, cannot transfer their waste to others.

Terragon was created to develop simple appliances that enable any habitat to treat its own waste locally with no environmental damage and with significant benefits from the recovery of resources contained within the waste. These appliances will contribute to a revolution in waste management by making zero-waste-discharge habitats possible.

Decentralized Waste Treatment
Our vision is to revolutionize waste management, enabling waste generators to handle their own waste.

Successful revolutions require a leader with enough determination and enterprise to overcome the limitations imposed by past history. Terragon has become this leader by concentrating exceptionally skilled people working towards a clearly defined objective in a highly creative environment.