Terratec Geophysical Services

Terratec Geophysical Services

Terratec Geophysical Services offers surface geophysical and borehole logging services worldwide. The main objectives are the acquisition, compilation, processing, analysis and the interpretation of geophysical data. terratec Geophysical Services executes these services for mineral exploration, groundwater/geothermal energy prospecting and geotechnical purposes. terratec Geophysical Services was founded in 1989 and consists of 35 geophysicists and geologists who are fluent in a great variety of languages with offices in Germany, Mali, Namibia as well as logistic bases in Austria, Sweden, Morocco and Finland. terratec Geophysical Services has comprehensive working experience in different countries and climates from Greenland to South Africa. Staff and geophysical systems have been optimised and adapted to harsh conditions in remote areas.

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Schillerstr. 3 , Heitersheim , 79423 Germany
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Service provider
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Globally (various continents)
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terratec geophysical Services strives toward zero adverse environmental impact in our operations.

terratec Geophysical Services works closely with clients, partners, and suppliers to understand how to minimise the environmental impacts including working to improve the energy efficiency of our offices. Since 2010 the terratec Geophysical Services head office in Heitersheim, Germany produces 20kWp of solar electricity.

terratec Geophysical Services maintains full responsibility for our operation and environmental impacts by ensuring that we strictly adhere to local community traditions and regional regulations.

terratec Geophysical Services pledges to conduct our business in a manner that protects the environment as well as ensuring the safety of employees, contractors and the communities we operate in. No activity will be attempted or undertaken unless it can be done safely.

terratec Geophysical Services complies with relevant safety laws, regulations and guidelines including:

Medical Evaluations:

  • Strahlenschutz nach § 95 StrlSchV (Radiation Protection)
  • Atemschutz der Gruppe 3, G26.3 (Respiratory Protection)
  • Lärm, G20.1 (Noise Protection/ Control)
  • GesBergV/KlimaBergV (Gesundheitsschutz-Bergverordnung, Klima-Bergverordnung Work on underground/ tunnel projects)

Security Training/Safety Laws :

  • Risque Chemique Niveau 1 (Chemical risks level 1)

Based on a conversational culture where all parties participate in making a meaningful contribution, terratec Geophysical Services designs the ways we work to protect everyone from both known and unknown risks by anticipating possible issues that could arise.

terratec Geophysical Services pledges to:

  • Understand and manage hazards and risks;
  • Engage our workforce in all aspects at their work;
  • Support the actions of our team members by providing the necessary resources to complete their work.