The Bum Gun Ltd

The Bum Gun Ltd

We are the suppliers of high quality bidet sprayers for commercial and domestic bathrooms. We are helping companies and households to reduce costs and improving hygiene for all employees, clients and families. The Bum Gun bidet sprayers reduce the need for toilet helping save huge amounts of money over a full year, whilst giving huge environmental benefits also.

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3, Newland Ave, Harrogate , North Yorkshire , England HG28LP United Kingdom

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Health and Safety
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The Biggest Thing To Happen To Bathroom Hygiene Since Thomas Crapper. Everyone needs The Bum Gun bidet sprayer at some point during their day!! Do yourself and your partner a favour and use The Bum Gun every day!!  We drop kick germs and bacteria, down the sewers, daily!!

Imagine if you could have a quick mini shower every time you went to the bathroom without completely undressing. Well you can with The Bum Gun bidet sprayer.

You can have that same clean, fresh feeling as first thing in the morning after every bathroom visit. Stop flushing money down the toilet. Our bidet sprayers pay for themselves within a few months. Feel the invigoration and freshness of our bidet sprayers. We promise you will not regret it! You deserve to live a cleaner and better life. Please take a look around our website to find out more about The Bum Gun bidet sprayers.

We have designed our website and shopping cart to be fully responsive on your desktop, tablet and smartphones to give you a smooth browsing experience, wherever you are.


Our Founding Principles
Through two decades of working with customers and vendors, The Bum Gun grew into a company built on high quality products, basic core values and business philosophies.

The Bum Gun has been structured around some very basic and fundamental values and business philosophies about treating our employees, customers and vendors with respect and dignity. We call them Our Founding Principles.

We have created our principles through a lifetime of working for and with other companies, as well as from valuable experiences learned from running our own businesses.

Our goal is to clearly communicate our ethics so that every The Bum Gun employee acts and makes decisions using the same set of values and knowledge, each and every day they come to work.


Special Employees
Every successful company needs special employees if they are going to survive in this difficult economic climate. From all the applicants to our company, we probably hire close to 5%.

We believe that with one special employee, we can get three times the productivity of a standard employee. This is why we train our staff extensively, encourage communication, and reward them with higher than average salaries. This way we can ensure we are able to serve you, our customers in the best way, every time.

'If you give a man a fish he eats for the day. If you teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime!'


Vendor Teamwork
The Bum Gun Company needs to ensure we have great teamwork with our vendors and suppliers just as much as we need loyal customers.

Our suppliers need to be very clear where we stand on quality of products, and that cutting corners on quality of materials and production is a definite no-no.

When we provide quality products and services for our customers, and work with our suppliers professionally, the whole cycle of business is mutually benefitting.


Business Social Media
Over this past decade technology has become integrated into our everyday lives, and nothing more than social media. Medias like Facebook and Twitter have given us the ability to reach a much wider audience while reducing our yearly marketing costs.

Social media has also given companies like The Bum Gun the ability to be able to talk directly to and receive feedback from our customers. This benefit allows us to better understand exactly what you think about the products and services we provide.

The Bum Gun wants to make sure social media can help stimulate our company while making sure all our customers understand everything which we find important between company and customer for the benefit of both sides.


The Bum Gun Vision
Our vision is to bring comfort, hygiene and a better quality of life to all our customers, either individuals or businesses.
The Bum Gun Mission
We provide our customers with the best quality bidet sprayers currently available. Our suppliers have been manufacturing the products we supply for upwards of 40 years. Our products are built with durable, long lasting materials, hence why we are able to offer long warranties to our customers. In a nut shell, we help improve our customers’ lives by making every visit to the bathroom a pleasant one.


All of us at The Bum Gun Company, strongly believe that every member of our community needs economic prosperity as well as a decent environment to live. The two go hand in hand.

We all need to make money to survive, and our communities need businesses to thrive and prosper. They provide us employment and the goods and services we need in our daily lives. If our local businesses can proper we can all make money to survive and make the most of our lives.

In the last couple of decades we have seen the decline of our high streets in favour of large out of town mega stores, run by big corporations. But at the same time these stores have given us convenient retailing. As long as you have a car that is, and have time to access them.

Internet shopping surely has a large part to play in reducing our travel time shopping. Saving us time, saving us fuel, and reducing the need for so many of these out of town shopping centres. Plus, Internet shopping also gives those people in our community who don’t have a car, or aren’t able to make the trips out of town, a chance to shop from the comfort of their own home.

Hopefully as the recession eases we would like to have small stores in our local high streets, and foster the close relationships with our customers which we grew up being used to. But to keep costs down in these difficult times we have our Shopping Mart for you to purchase from.

At The Bum Gun we want to make a positive contribution to our community and so we believe we should support our local and regional businesses as much as possible, wherever possible.


At The Bum Gun, we feel being environmentally responsible is everyone’s duty. Often people and companies who care about our environment are labelled with derogatory terms such as ‘treehuggers’. The origins of these terms I have never understood. Let’s face it, who doesn’t admire and feel good when they see a crystal clean ocean or a perfect white sandy beach? Who doesn’t want to breathe the freshest air each and every day?

With every use of The Bum Gun we are helping our customers to reduce their own environmental impacts, which is something we take very seriously.

Did you know in the UK we spend about £815 million every year on toilet tissue? (Brandrepublic, 2003). Americans spend about $6 Billion every year.

That is an awful lot of paper being discarded into our sewers. Before the invention of The Bum Gun there weren’t many alternatives.
Now for the cost of one nice meal out with a loved one, you can have The Bum Gun installed in your home.
Be More Eco Conscious

Our goal as a company is to revolutionize how we all use the bathroom, at home and in the workplace. Being sustainable and committed to improving the environment starts in your home.

As everyone knows the world’s population is growing out of control so that simply means more bums need cleaning. How many people will be using The Bum Gun in 5 years? How many of these new people will adopt the archaic practice of wiping with toilet paper?

Can our lands continue to provide enough trees for toilet paper production? Should we be trying to find enough land when there is a much cleaner alternative? We are already at the 7 billion mark. Can we produce enough trees for toilet paper if the population hits 10 billion? How about when we hit 12 billion?

Toilet Paper vs The Bum Gun
By installing The Bum Gun in your home and business you are reducing your impact on the environment. Not just by reducing the stress on the sewerage system, but imagine the effort and resources that go into creating all the toilet paper you buy for your family over a full year.


Our sewers are not designed to cope with modern disposable products, and as a result these items can cause blockages. The drains connect to our homes to the main sewer are only big enough to carry water and human waste. Around 75 percent of blockages involve disposable items. To avoid having to call out a drain specialist and waste money, remember to bag it and put in the bin. Please Do Not Flush Your Disposables!

Throw your disposables in the bin
Disposable products, such as cotton buds, condoms, and plastics can find their way into the environment if they are flushed down the toilet. To prevent damage to the environment, the following items should be disposed of in the ways recommended.

  • Cotton buds, bandages and dental floss - dispose of these in the bin along with other household rubbish.
  • Condoms, tampons and applicators, sanitary towels and pads - wrap well and dispose of in the bin.
  • Disposable napkins and Handy Wipes – if you use these please do not flush down the toilet. The wipe should be well wrapped and disposed of in the bin. By using The Bum Gun every day you never have to worry about disposing Handy Wipes again.
  • Razors and blades - put these into a rigid container before placing in the bin.
  • Medicines - any unwanted or unused medicines should be returned to your local chemist for safe disposal. Do not dispose of medicines with other household waste, and remember to keep all medicines out of reach of your children.
  • Syringes and needles - disposing of these down the toilet or in your household rubbish is dangerous and could cause injury to a member of the sewerage team or a refuse collector. To dispose of these safely, please contact your local hospital or health authority who will be able to advise you on the availability of local “needle banks.”


What is The Bum Gun
Welcome to The Bum Gun range of hand held bidet sprays created for every man, woman and child on our planet for use instead of toilet paper. The Bum Gun provides a perfect blend of modern design, performance and sheer quality.

Each and every detail on The Bum Gun is a result of precise engineering and manufacturing to provide a smooth, almost effortless control in its use and function. The Bum Gun is an ideal product for every home, office, factory or business premises and anywhere which has a toilet. The Bum Gun is easy to install, simple to use and environmentally friendly.

The Bum Gun Features
Most of The Bum Guns in our range have of bidet sprayers high quality stainless steel 304 as the core material. We also use hard impact ABS for some components on certain models. A full description of the features can be found in The Bum Gun Store. Read more...

Why Stainless Steel

What is Stainless Steel?
Stainless steels are used in a wide range of applications such as for cooking utensils, sinks, in the beverage industry, and hospital and medical equipment. Basically in any environment which needs to be clean, stainless steel is often the favoured choice of material.  Read more...


The Basics of Hand Hygiene
Why is hand hygiene so important more than ever?
The most common way germs are spread is by people’s hands. Germs are often harmless but they can also cause illnesses such as colds, flu and stomach bugs. Proper hand washing with soap and warm water is the single most important thing you can do to help reduce the spread of infections and help protect you, your family and those around you. Read more...

Results of Poor Hand Hygiene
When using The Bum Gun every time you use the bathroom you prevent your hands from coming into contact with many germs and bacteria. But correct hand washing is also still vitally important. There are many ugly illnesses related to poor hand hygiene after using the bathroom or touching foods including; Salmonella, campylobacter, MRSA, flu, diarrhoea and sickness, the common cold, and impetigo. These are just some of the viruses and infections passed between people who do not wash their hands properly. Read more...

Hand Washing Facts
The Importance of The Bum Gun and Hand Hygiene
No one enjoys being sick, even if it means a few days off work or studying!! Let’s face it, being sick sucks!! Being sick costs us money, makes our projects late, and lets down our boss and co-workers. In this part of the website we have tried to help you understand the importance of using The Bum Gun and proper hand washing. Read more...


Using water has always been the healthier, more comfortable and cleaner option than using abrasive toilet paper. In this section we would like to give you more details about the benefits of using The Bum Gun. The Bum Gun allows every member of the family, Dad, Mum, Grandparents, Teens, and children to include water in their personal hygiene after using the toilet, in a very convenient and simple way. Read more...

Comfort and Hygiene
Most people’s bums hurt from wiping with toilet paper at some point. Others find toilet paper discomforting most of the time. Sometimes it's really painful, like you are scared to sit down and cringe from the pain. Your day can easily be ruined when your butt gets so irritated. Read more...

Female Hygiene Benefits
Guys, you do not need to read this section. This part of our website is for females only!! We all know as females that every month we are faced with issues our guys don't have to face, and definitely don't understand. I know personally I feel like having a full shower every few hours, especially on my heavy days. I just want to get clean, feel dry again and change my pad for a clean one. Read more...


Care for Your Stainless Steel
The Living Stainlessly range of The Bum Gun are built almost entirely of 304 stainless steel. Our Budget Bum Gun range also have 304 stainless steel as a core component. The Bum Gun can last for years if you care for it well. We are confident in The Bum Gun’s quality which is why we offer a long term warranty on our products. As with every product in life, there is a degree of care which is needed to ensure a long life. Read more...

Care For Your Bum Gun
We encourage you to take care of The Bum Gun bidet sprayer as it will become one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in your house, and we wish you have trouble free usage for years to come. Depending on which area you live your water contains dissolved minerals. Among these are magnesium, limestone, iron, silica, and even granite. Read more...