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The Dupps Company designs, builds and markets the world’s most comprehensive line of rendering systems and machinery for the protein co-products industry, including cookers, dryers, screw presses, size reduction machinery, material handling systems and evaporator systems, as well as complete rendering plant installations. Dupps also provides complete service support, including maintenance and repair, of all rendering equipment. In addition, The Dupps Company serves the pulp and paper, oilseed, fishmeal and other industries with a variety of processing systems and equipment.

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548 North Cherry Street , Germantown , Ohio 45327-0189 USA

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)

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The Dupps Company designs, builds and installs high-quality process equipment and systems. We are the world's largest manufacturer of rendering equipment used to recycle animal protein by-products. This equipment is sold to a customer base throughout North America, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Dupps offers a comprehensive range of protein co-products rendering systems and equipment, including complete continuous systems configured for red meat, poultry and fishmeal processing .

Dupps also manufactures equipment for a variety of other industries including, pulp and paper, agriculture (including oil seeds and cocoa), and industries requiring equipment manufactured under ASME Section VIII code requirements. We also offer a broad range of manufacturing and maintenance services, including the ability to repair or even completely rebuild certain types of critical equipment in-house at Dupps or in-place at customer facilities. 

The company continues to not only analyze current industry activities and trends, but also to actively explore new possibilities – all with an eye towards helping their customers seize opportunities and solve problems that stand in the way of future success.

In December, 2010, Dupps was proud to celebrate the firm’s 75th anniversary. Since 1935, four successive generations of the Dupps family have “signed their name” to every product manufactured by the our company.

More than a company name, the Dupps’ nameplate carries a family’s reputation—an unbroken period of time that spans first ground breaking to world leadership in protein recycling systems. That’s an extraordinary record by any measure, and one that could not have been achieved without continuously providing unmatched contribution to the customer’s profitability. 

Although serving the traditional rendering industry has always been a major focus, Dupps has in recent years applied products, technology and experience to new areas and, in so doing, helped customers adapt to changing market demands. As worldwide poultry consumption increased, for example, Dupps refined the Continuous Feather Hydrolyzor. Recently, the company began expanding its capability to process fishmeal, extract oil from soybeans and other oil seeds, and address energy conservation through such products as Thermsavor™ evaporator systems and the Airless Dryer.

Today, the Dupps family extends beyond the generations who have led our company. Our family includes all the dedicated and hard working employees whose labor, loyalty and pride have made our company the best in the business.Throughout our company, employees shoulder responsibilities together, build strong bonds, and share common goals. All of us at Dupps firmly believe in the same philosophy that the company has stood for since it was founded: putting the customer first, offering the best value possible, and cultivating opportunities and incentives for our family of employees. “Family” also means every Dupps customer, many of which have been with Dupps for many decades.

Our Mission
To provide superior quality products, solutions and services to the recycling industry, while maintaining the highest level of integrity with our valued employees, customers and community.

Our Vision
The Dupps Company will be recognized as a global leader creating innovative process solutions by advancing our technology and capabilities for existing and emerging markets.