The GoodBye Chain Group (GCG) is a leading global provider of Product Environmental Compliance (PEC) Solutions. We have over 6 years experience/100% specialization in RoHS, WEEE, REACH and other PEC Directives. GCG offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of training, software, and consulting services to reduce risks and costs while increasing revenues and competitive advantage by assisting clients in complying with RoHS, WEEE and REACH. We provide fully integrated software and consulting solutions developed as a result of our implementation experience with over 100 PEC customers. GCG’s two-time award winning compliance management software, MDW-EcoSystem (MDW-ES), is a leading software solution for companies needing to comply with all global RoHS Directives and toxicity requirements. Companies can utilize MDW-ES to cost effectively comply with REACH’s voluminous legal and business requirements, including minimizing supply chain/business disruptions expected under REACH

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Environmental - Environmental Regulations and Compliance
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For companies needing to comply with REACH, RoHS, WEEE and other global legislation, The GoodBye Chain Group offers a portfolio of software products and consulting services that reduce risks and costs while increasing revenues and competitive advantage.

The GoodBye Chain Group Focus
In the last decade, governments realized that the costs of not addressing health and environmental problems were increasingly greater than the costs of addressing them. As a result, we have seen far-reaching legislation in the automotive, packaging and electronics industries. The GoodBye Chain Group specializes in solving the vast array of organizational and technical challenges confronting the electronics industry in particular. These challenges span the entire product life-cycle from design to disposal. They address every corporate function from Engineering and Quality to Sourcing and Legal. They raise profound questions about risk-reporting and risk-management. And they are only going to increase in both number and complexity over the next ten years.

Leveraging The GoodBye Chain Group Portfolio
The GoodBye Chain Group provides a broad portfolio of consulting services and software products that address the above challenges head-on.

On the enterprise level, the portfolio includes organizational strategies, risk-assessments, SWOT analyses, tracking systems, training programs and compliance programs. These services help you to evolve business processes and a roadmap that capitalize on rapidly emerging trends in regard to RoHS-compliance, Total Quality Environmental Management (TQEM) practices and cradle-to-cradle' product life-cycle analyses, in so doing, they help your company to be one of the '20% companies' that capture 80% of the opportunity.

On the technical level, the portfolio includes a comprehensive, substance-level data collection solution that assists you in avoiding the dire consequences of REACH and RoHS non-compliance. The solution includes the Material Declaration Wizard, Enterprise System (MDW-ES), an affordable software solution that enables you, your suppliers, and your customers to easily collect, manage, and report on materials and substances for compliance with the EU Registration, Evaluation, Authorisaton and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation and Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. MDW-ES is standards-based, affordable, and easily integrated with all ERP and PLM systems. MDW-ES is available as a multi-user enterprise version, a single desktop workstation version, or as Green-ESsm, a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS). And it is supported by project design and implementation programs, hands-on application workshops and supplier compliance follow-up programs. We can also help you to implement a smooth lead-free transition and a robust product testing and analysis program from liability to compliance, .to competitive advantage™.

Supported by a Team of Experts
The GoodBye Chain Group is a team of veteran business leaders, scientists, quality engineers, software developers, communications specialists and project managers. Team members average over 20 years experience in organizations like Agilent, Alcatel. Apple, Barclay's Global Investors, BellSouth, Fairchild Semiconductor, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Los Alamos National Laboratory, McKinsey, MCI, National Semiconductor, Palm, Sony, Stanford Linear Accelerator, Sun and Texas Instruments.

Each of our members joined the Group to pool their domain expertise in the service of solving today's unprecedented challenges. The company is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and has senior managers throughout the U.S. and in Europe.

It also has an extended network of related firms we call the Compliance Alliance. This network includes organizations ranging from testing laboratories to international legal firms to regional manufacturing assistance agencies.

Initially, GCG focused on assisting companies to turn their waste streams ('goodbye chain') into revenue streams. Today, rt is the only company with nine years experience/100% specialization in RoHS, REACH, WEEE, and other Product Environmental Compliance Directives that provides a comprehensive solution of fully integrated product environmental software, consulting, and BoM Management, all grounded in customer engagements. GCG has worked with many customers in the high tech, medical, industrial, consumer, and other industry sub-sectors. GCG's MDW-ES software received SMT Magazine's Vision Award for 'Software' for two consecutive years. GCG has conducted RoHSAWEEE trainings in China, Australia and Singapore, as well as North America; organized eight RoHS workshops for the Surface Mount Technology Association; and co-authored a major report for the National Institute of Standards and Technology. GCG also served on the IPC 1752 Working Committee for RoHS and extending IPC 1752 and IPC 1752-Afor REACH applicability. GCG was the only U.S. consulting company to attend major WEEE conferences in Brussels and Prague, and was the only U.S. company invited to speak at an EU stakeholder meeting in Italy regarding the Integrated Product Policy, in particular, the response of U.S. industry to WEEE and RoHS compliance requirements.

The GoodBye Chain Group can help your company to both understand the sweeping industry shifts and to take advantage of them, in so doing, it reduces risk and costs ...fosters innovation . .creates opportunity... and generates revenue.