The Initiates Plc., (TIP)

The Initiates Plc., (TIP)

The Initiates Plc., (TIP)

The Initiates Plc. (TIP) is a professional Waste Management company delivering Waste Management, Industrial Cleaning and Decontamination services to both Private and Public sectors. TIP is quoted on the Floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. TIP has a multi-disciplinary and flexible workforce and all relevant permits necessary for delivering waste management and industrial cleaning services.

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Plot 400 Location Road off Aba /PH Expway by Oyigbo Junction Umuebulu 5 , Port Harcourt , Rivers State 510000 Nigeria
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Waste Management
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Our Thermal Desorption Unit

We treat drill cuttings, contaminated soil and oily sludge using our 10 tons/hr Indirect Thermal Desorption Plant. The Plant is highly efficient in reclamation and processing of entrained hydrocarbon stock in the waste: up to 99.5% hydrocarbon recovery; less than 4ppm of oil in recovered water, and also less than 0.6% TPH in the Residue making it highly compliant.

E-Waste Plant

TIP operates a complete e-waste processing facility. At our facility we process all types of e-waste including: large household appliances, small household appliances, office and communication devices, entertainment electronics, lighting equipments tubes, lamps, etc, electrical tools, sport and leisure equipment.

Non-man Entry Automated Tank Cleaning System (NEATS)

The Initiates Plc (TIP) is equipped with cutting-edge technology in industrial cleaning which includes Ultra/High Pressure Jetting systems (UHPJ &HPJS), Vacuums Transfer System (VTS) and Non-Man Entry Automated Tank Cleaning Systems (NEATS) which offers clients industrial cleaning services at its very best

Our cleaning equipment allows for a quick and efficient cleaning of Shell and Tube heat exchangers as well as plate, Aircool Fins, and frame heat exchangers, eliminating sediments in no time

When fluid (gas/crude/products/chemicals) is transported through pipes:  geometry, temperature and   pressure changes   cause precipitation/deposition and with time, clogging result in the pipes.

Incinerateur Filtration

We safely and efficiently incinerate hazardous waste including Healthcare Waste using our 3 tons/hr Dual-Chamber pyrolitic Incinerator.  Our treatment facility eliminates dangerous emissions and has a continuous emissions monitoring system.  The Incinerator can attain over 1100oC temperature with secondary chamber resident time of 2seconds.

Waste Water Treatment plant

TIP works closely with clients to develop Waste Management Facility projects from conception to commissioning. We also operate and manage Facilities for clients.  Our expertise in design, construction and management of waste management facility includes:

1. Waste Water Facility,

2. Material Recovery Facility,

3. Thermal Desorption Unit,

The Initiates Plc offers highly professional environmental and waste management consultancy services aimed at improving cost, process effectiveness and quality, and regulatory compliance. These services include:

1.  Waste Auditing: We conducts audits for clients to identify waste character and quantity associated with all their activities and processes including hazards associated with the various waste streams generated by clients. 

2.   Treatability Analysis

We carry out treatability analysis to generate “fit for purpose” solutions for all wastes especially the emerging categories without sufficient history.  

3.   Management Planning: Our Planning strategy focuses on helping clients optimize resource management through improved and environmentally sound material flow cycle taking absolute recognition of the environmental, social and technological situations.

4.    Site Suitability Analysis for Waste Management Facility:   TIP multidisciplinary team carry out site suitability analysis for waste management facility development using Geographic Information System and Multi –Criteria Decision Analysis.

5.   Contaminated Land Investigation and Remediation Planning:  We undertake investigations of contaminated site which includes ground water and surface water quality assessment, soil quality assessment to determine which remedial works would be required to make the site safe for use. 

6.   Transboundary Movement of Waste: We develops all necessary documentation (including local and off-shore) in line with Basel Convention for transboundary movement of waste for Clients. As part of our consultancy services to our clients, we develop packaging and exports procedures in agreement with the off-shore legal framework. We also assist our Clients in securing off-shore facilities for processing/disposal of waste.