The Verder Group

The Verder Group

The Verder Group has been operating for more than 50 years offering innovative technologies and has two main divisions: The Scientific division offering high tech laboratory and analytical equipment. The Liquids division offering an extensive range of positive displacement pumps and mixing solutions. With more than 40 wholly owned trading and production companies worldwide, the Verder Group is represented on four continents. In addition to our wholly owned distribution network, Verder products are sold through a network of independent distributors in a wide range of countries worldwide. Since its origin in 1959, the Verder Group has experienced a continuous growth and today employs over 850 people with an annual turnover of more than 200 million Euros. The Verder group is wholly owned and managed by the founding family.

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The company, founded in 1959 by Andre Verder started as an entrepreneurial trading company in different industrial and laboratory products. Innovation and technology have been leading criteria from day one when selecting products and suppliers.

International expansion
International expansion of the company outside its home market in The Netherlands, started when the founder moved across the border to Belgium in 1970. In the 10 years after this after followed Germany, France, UK and Austria. When the political scene changes dramatically in Europe, we took the challenge to move into the Eastern part of Europe swiftly with own operations. Customers however did not only ask for supply of Verder’s products in Europe but drove the company towards Japan, China, USA, India and South Africa to serve these countries with own entities.

Products converged during the years towards what had been the core from the start: pumps and laboratory equipment. Where in 1959 the products were solely distributed brands from trusted supplier, more own products were added to our portfolio either through joint venture with manufacturer, acquisition and product development. Á strong preference for partnership exist even today when product development and own innovation has become significant in our continued investments.

Important acquisitions such as Retsch (D) in 1995, van Wijk en Boerma (NL) / Empo (B) in 2002 and Eltra and Carbolite in 2012 amongst others have given the Verder Group an additional boost in market penetration in its focus areas.

Today the Verder Group is fully owned and managed by the founding family safeguarding the values which are synonymous for a sustainable family business.