Tianjin TOJET High Pressure Pump Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Tianjin TOJET High Pressure Pump Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Tianjin Tongjie High Pressure Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, a brand dedicated to the development of high pressure water jet application market, with nearly 200 years of wisdom in this field. Self-accumulation and rolling development have set a new model for the development of China`s high-pressure pump industry. The series of high-pressure pumps produced by the company are high-pressure hydropower equipment commonly used in modern industry. They are widely used in coal, mining, metallurgical dephosphorization, high-pressure water jet cleaning, railway, foundation engineering, ship cleaning and derusting, construction vehicles and petrochemical transportation, water conservancy. Hydropower national defense, municipal ring e and various hoses, metal pipes, oil pump drilling wellhead equipment, pressure testing pumps and other fields.

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Intersection of Xinghua Erzhi Road and Hongyuan Road, Xiqing Economic and Technological Development , Tianjin , China

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Pumps & Pumping
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

Main products: high pressure pump, high pressure cleaner ultra high pressure cleaner, high power high pressure pump set, high pressure pump automation complete system, pipe dredging machine descaling system, high pressure oil injection water injection machine, pressure test system. Various high pressure water actuators, Sales of dry ice washing machines. Various civil and industrial high-pressure cleaners, high-pressure water cleaning construction services, dry ice cleaning services in municipal, power, chemical, petroleum and other industries.

Tianjin Tongjie High Pressure Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a cross-border, cross-cultural cross-age, cross-technology background, the Chinese and foreign parties sincerely cooperate and develop forward, with China's 'national high pressure' with strong strength and outstanding performance. The pump industry research base is called. In 2006, he cooperated with JETECH in the United States and signed a letter of intent for future strategic cooperation in Michigan in late 2007. To this end, the history of China's high-pressure pump industry's 'closed door' low level has been ended, opening up the road of using foreign capital and introducing high-end technology to accelerate development. The success of Tianjin Tongjie High Pressure Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will greatly promote the development of high pressure water jets in China.