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Tidal Vision is a US manufacturer of chitosan. We do everything from selling our bulk chitin & chitosan flakes, speciality liquid formulas, to providing private label bottling of finished product – all right here in the USA. Chitosan is an ideal eco-friendly flocculant for water clarification applications due to its ability to bind to a variety of organic and inorganic particulates. Aggregation and flocculation by chitosan occur because of the unique pH-sensitive and strong hydrophilic nature of chitosan. Chitosan can then be removed via filtration or sedimentation; leaving clarified water behind without any residual toxic chemicals.

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We’re reducing waste and encouraging sustainable fishing by upcycling sustainable ocean byproducts!

Inspired by coastal communities whose traditions, cultures, economies, and ecosystems depend on ocean sustainability, Tidal Vision was founded on the belief that sustainability should never be a compromise.

In Alaska alone, two billion pounds of fish and crab byproducts are discarded to rot annually. This waste not only represents missed economic opportunity, but also poses potential environmental threats when concentrated on the ocean floor.

Tidal Vision is helping combat this waste and encouraging sustainable fishing practices by purchasing discarded byproducts from sustainably managed fisheries. We use typically-wasted ocean byproducts from sustainable fishing and crabbing industries to create eco-friendly products.


Our vision is about more than just mitigating an environmental threat, reducing waste and manufacturing quality products.

Sustainable fisheries face an economic disadvantage compared to their pillaging competitors. By purchasing their waste for high-value uses, our business model adds value and therefore increases the resiliency of sustainable fisheries.

Tidal Vision pledges to only use byproducts from sustainably managed fisheries to help ensure our ocean’s resources exist for generations to come.

We believe that sustainability should not be a compromise.

  • When our team sets out to develop a process or product, we don’t compromise on the principles of green chemistry.
  • We’re the only 100% domestic manufacturer of chitin and chitosan in the USA, because traditional processes produce large chemical waste streams.
  • Tidal Vision uses our patent-pending closed loop processing system to produce all of our chitosan-based products.

Our Facilities

Our process is the world’s only that allows for the full utilization of crab shells. The co-product that ‘closes the loop’ of this process is natural nitrogen source fertilizer made up of all the non-chitosan organic matter in the crab shells we process.

We provide private label manufacturing services using our technology and two factories that are located in Washington State.

Convenient Form Versatility

More chitosan products are being developed all the time, and our team of chitosan experts are here to help you!

  • Chitosan is usually consumed in a product or process in a liquid form that is 94-99% water by weight.
  • Our domestic location allows us to economically provide you with ready-to-use forms of chitosan – no additional processing is required by you.
  • We specialize in custom blended liquid chitosan formulas for your application, and provide private label manufacturing services.