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TnA Safety does things a little differently than most distributors of safety products and equipment. TnA Safety is relatively unique in that safety is all we sell. We pride ourselves on assisting global safety awareness and maintaining safety mindedness at all times, we have a diverse safety product offering that is virtually without limit, a personalized approach and a second to none customer service experience. This combination of product sourcing, specialization and safety mindedness brings you our customer powerful advantages. At TnA Safety our mission is safety and our goal is to make personal protection a global standard. We view the world as our workplace! By choosing to support TnA Safety financially through purchases, donations and gifts you are making the world a safer place!

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16 Maple Center Road , Hilton , 14468 NY USA
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Health and Safety
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Globally (various continents)
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Easy-to-Find and Ready-to-Ship
At TnA Safety we have taken great care to ensure you have a diverse selection of great safety products for virtually any safety-related need. We like to say 'Yes' as often as possible to our customers -- Our product inventory offers our customers the best in terms of features, functionality, quality and price point. Our inventory catalog ensures that we can supply your jobsite or workplace at a moment's notice with the safety products you need in order to get the job done according to spec. In the event that we do not carry the specific safety related products or brands of products that you are looking for, we are happy to source them for you! Just click on the Request A Quote Tab and we will get to work.

Product Selection Assistance has been built to make finding and choosing safety-related products quick and easy. Additionally, we can put you in touch with the proper people who are skilled in product selection who are standing by to help you with any question you may have no matter how simple or difficult. We are happy to assist you!

Expert Technical Help
From on-site safety audits and customized safety training to strategic jobsite procurement, written safety programs and regulatory OSHA compliance consultations, our consultants, manufacturers and vendors are the experts for best practices in safety to ensure your company is properly equipped, educated and adequately stocked at all times.

Volume Pricing
We are able to buy in volume for a better price from our suppliers and if our customers are interested in doing the same from us we are happy to give them a break! If you use a lot of safety supplies, you’ll get the best prices at TnA Safety. Just use our Request for Quote Cart!

Fast, Easy, Friendly Ordering
We’re waiting to take your call or to chat with you live from 9am–5pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday–Friday. Order 24/7 at We look forward to working with you!

Be a Part of Our Mission!

At TnA Safety our mission is safety and our ultimate goal is to make personal protection a global standard. We believe that every person working around the world today is entitled to work safely; that every work environment should be focused on creating and maintaining proper levels of site specific safety standards. It is of great importance that workers be made aware of the dangers and potential safety hazards that surround them on their jobsite daily and to do their best to work safely through utilizing safety awareness, by using proper personal protective safety equipment; adhering to safety compliance standards taught during safety training to ensure that operations are run as efficiently and safely as possible.

TnA Safety will work diligently with the sales proceeds, donations and gifts of our patrons to create 'Safety Missions' in developing nations where regulated safety compliance standards currently do not exist. TnA Safety will also work along side developing nation's private business owners whom desire to elevate safety levels within their given businesses or organizations.

Your contributions to sponsor Safety Missions in developing nations around the world will create a profound change for the better. Your contributions and continued support towards helping us reach our mission will ultimately make a difference in how the world works. Thank you for your support, please work safely!